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May 28, 2020 2 min read

Many brides like to hire planners to oversee every decision – but for others, the do-it-yourself aspect tends to be what makes their big day special.

Most DIY ceremonies and receptions take on a unique, individual approach that's both inexpensive and manageable. If you're curious about DIY weddings, look no further.

Here's a look at what resourceful and inventive brides do to set themselves apart.

1. Handcrafted Décor

Many women like to add personal touches to their venue to jazz up a blank slate. After all, an empty field or ballroom isn't exactly the most attractive sight. Everyone knows that brides set out flowers and other distinct decorations, but there's a lot more to consider. From faux flower centerpieces to glass box lanterns, you can introduce beautiful DIY decor to set apart your special day.

For instance, you could try a hand-lettered entryway sign to welcome guests. You could also use spray paint and a marker on a mirror. 

2. Dance-Worthy Playlists

You could hire a jazz band, but what's better than a guest-curated playlist? While no bride wants to be on music duty all night, you can still consider your guests when you create your selection. When you send out invitations, add a note that asks each guest to send a song request. You can make an email account or direct them to your website. Then, they can RSVP with a song of their choice.

What are your top songs to dance to on the big day? Favorites include "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer.

3. Memorable Favors

You can send along a million thanks to your friends and family, but not much compares to a thoughtful favor. Some couples like to make coasters with their new initials, while others prefer personalized wine glasses. Try to think about favors that highlight you and your partner's interests. You could choose a sports-themed favor, or emphasize your love for art with mini canvases. In any case, add a note with your name, the date and a caption.

4. Unique, Delicious Eats

Here's a proven way to dazzle guests. When you envision a reception dinner, do you picture an option between chicken and steak and a small side salad? If so, you can do better. When you create a menu, opt for unusual appetizers and mains, such as a mac and cheese station or crab cake sliders. 

5. Personalized Activities

It's essential to make sure your guests have a terrific time. When you take a DIY approach, try to think about ways to include everyone. Though each person can't participate directly, you can still incorporate them! If you plan to invite guests from all over, add a map so that they can highlight their hometowns. You could also set out polaroid cameras and encourage guests to leave behind a photo.

Try These Ideas for Your Special Day
As you plan your DIY wedding, consider these ideas to set your celebration apart!