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October 03, 2023 3 min read

Creative Ways to Incorporate Something Blue In Your Wedding


Nearly every bride has heard the phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Even if you have a modern wedding, you likely want to maintain this tradition. Learn more about this classic phrase and how to incorporate something blue into your special day.

Where Does “Something Blue” Come From?

In England during the Victorian Era, brides received old, new, borrowed and blue items on their wedding day for good luck. The color blue symbolized love, purity, modesty and faithfulness — wearing something blue brought these qualities to a bride and her marriage. Blue was also known to ward off the evil eye, establishing good luck and protection for the happy bride and groom on their wedding day.


While protecting your marriage from the evil eye may not be as important to modern brides, incorporating something blue is a nice way to maintain this traditional wedding phrase.

How to Incorporate Something Blue in Your Wedding

Check out these eight tips to naturally include a pop of blue on your big day.

1. Blue Flowers in Your Bouquet

There are plenty of beautiful blue flowers you can include in your bouquet on your wedding day. From blue hydrangeas and irises to tweedia or delphinium, the possibilities for your bouquet are endless. Pressing your blue flowers is a lovely way to remember the luck you brought into your marriage even after your big day.

2. Blue Manicure or Pedicure

Whether you want to make a statement with a bright, bold hue or prefer a softer baby blue look, getting your nails done is a simple way to integrate blue at your wedding. For an even more subtle look, opt for a blue pedicure that isn’t as noticeable to your guests.

3. Blue Shoes

Like a pedicure, blue shoes can be the perfect pop of color to keep tradition alive. You don’t have to stand out with bright blue kicks — unless you want to. An understated blue tone is enough to honor tradition and complete your wedding look.


4. Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

Add blue stones to your wedding bands for a truly special “something blue.” Diamonds are no longer the only option for beautiful wedding jewelry. You can swap them out for sapphire, which is known as an incredibly durable and eye-catching stone that will set your jewelry apart.

5. Sewn Into Your Dress

There are several ways to incorporate blue into your wedding dress without wearing an entirely blue dress. For example, maybe you want to include a special memory of a loved one who couldn’t be with you on your wedding day. Sew a blue piece of their clothing into your dress or use blue fabric as a background for a small picture of your loved one you can carry with you.


Whatever option you choose, sewing something blue into your wedding dress allows you to keep the people you love close to you on your big day.

6. Blue Pocket Square or Socks for Your Groom

If you don’t want to wear blue on your wedding day, let your groom wear blue! Depending on your wedding colors and preferences, you can add a blue pocket square, tie or socks to your groom’s outfit. The touch of blue will remind you of special traditions and the love you share during your ceremony.

7. Blue Signature Cocktail

On average, people consume nearly four drinks at a wedding reception — so your guests will appreciate a signature cocktail! Creating a unique blue beverage is also a fun way to get your guests involved in the “something blue” tradition.

8. Mother of the Bride or Grandmother of the Bride Dress

Choosing blue dresses for your bridal party only works if your wedding color is blue. However, asking your mother, grandmother or another important person in your life to wear blue is a nod to the tradition and honors your loved one at the same time.

Blissfully Blue on Your Wedding Day

However you choose to incorporate blue into your wedding day, it’s a special way to celebrate tradition. Whether you want to highlight the loved ones in your life or embody love and faithfulness, lean into the good luck it will bring you as you begin your long, happy marriage.