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September 19, 2019 3 min read

Weddings are always the most wonderful kind of events to attend. Not only is there dancing, love in the air and delicious food, but guests are always excited to see the kind of wedding decor and the beautiful couple themselves. However, with all the weddings your guests are guaranteed to attend this year, why not make your wedding stand-out as much as possible? One of the ways to do this is through adding in more color into your wedding day. Here are some ways to make your wedding an unbelievable, colorful celebration your guests won’t forget!

Have Colorful Desserts
Add Even More Color Into Your Big Day
While white is always one of the most popular colors we see at a wedding, is a great way to make your food shine and stand out to your guests! Instead of having traditional white frosting for your desserts, incorporate colors into your cake, cupcakes or whatever dessert you plan on having for your guests. Colorful desserts will stand out to all your foodie friends and continue to add a pop throughout the wedding night!
Have a Different Colored Wedding Dress
Add Even More Color Into Your Big Day
One of the most stand-out ways to add color into your wedding is through your wedding dress. If you don’t consider yourself the traditional bride or have always had an edgy side to yourself, consider wearing a dress another color than white. This can be blue, pink, grey, champagne, even black, no color is off the table! As most brides wear white, wearing another color for your wedding dress will be a unique stand-out to both your guests and your partner. If you’d prefer to wear white for your big day but still want to include more color into your bridal party, no worries! Along with your bridal party likely wearing colorful bridesmaids dresses, you can also include your flower girl with having her wear either a similar color to your bridesmaids or blue as part of your ‘something blue!’
Have a Unique Bridal Beauty Look
Add Even More Color Into Your Big Day
Every bride wants to look as beautiful as possible on her . While you’re guaranteed to look stunning no matter what beauty look you go with, incorporating more color into your look will only make your wedding more special and unique. As every bride goes through a makeup trial before the wedding day, be transparent with your makeup artist and test out different makeup looks that add in more pops of color. You can even do the same with your hair color! If you want to rock a uniquely colored hairstyle, take a look at hair color company, for color ideas and inspiration. If you’re worried about DIY-ing your hair, don’t! You can easily consult with your hairdresser or online tutorials that will help to give you the best results.
Involve the Groomsmen
Add Even More Color Into Your Big Day
The bridal party doesn’t have to be the only side to include color. Have the groomsmen include bright colors into their attire as well. This can be with brightly colored socks, colored tuxedos or colored boutonnieres. These colors can go along with your wedding palette, can be similar to what the bridal party is wearing or sport completely different colors altogether. Having the groomsmen involved will not only be a fun activity for them but it will add a unique and special touch to your wedding.