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February 16, 2024 2 min read

Create a Lasting Impact With Your Wedding Through These 6 Philanthropic Ideas


A wedding allows couples to share their love and joy with their loved ones. Inviting friends and family is a beautiful way to spend the day, but you can go the extra mile by showing amity and warmth to others around you.


Celebrate your special day by helping strangers and the community you live in.


1. Pick a Nonprofit Venue


Pick a nonprofit wedding venue as you plan the big day. For instance, the Chicago Cultural Center rental fees go toward its public programs and events.


Having your ceremony, reception or both at this space supports different creatives and their events. Your wedding guests will also learn about this space and potentially support its future shows.


2. Create a Volunteer Event


Turn your wedding reception into a volunteer event and support a cause close to your heart. You and your guests can spend the afternoon planting trees to fight climate change.


You can also take the party to your local animal shelter. Spend the day with furry friends and chat with other volunteers.


3. Donate to a College Scholarship


Put extra money toward college scholarship funds. You can even request donations in your wedding registry to encourage guests to give back as well. A college scholarship is invaluable in helping people attain an education and make an impact in important industries.


With that in mind, seek out opportunities to donate and do something good with the financial gifts you receive.


5. Sponsor Public Sports Teams


You can also donate to public sports teams in your community. Funding these kinds of programs can cultivate people’s athletic skills while maintaining free spaces for socialization. Plus, you could help out the next generation of star athletes.


6. Send Support to Other Weddings


You get to share your vows and express your love for one another at your wedding. It can be fitting to help others do the same. For instance, you can support Freedom to Marry Global, a foundation that advocates for same-sex marriages and LGBT acceptance.


There’s also Wish Upon a Wedding, a nonprofit organization that grants weddings to couples facing severe health conditions or terminal illnesses.


7. Bring Leftovers to a Food Bank


Send reception leftovers to a food bank. More than 53 million Americans relied on food pantries in 2021, and as inflation is still rising, more people will likely need assistance.


Use your wedding and give back. You can also order extra food from your vendors to give away fresh meals.


Show Kindness After Tying the Knot


A wedding is a celebration of a couple’s union and passion. There’s no better way to share that love than philanthropic acts and support. Create a lasting impact with your special day and help others to make it truly memorable.