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July 13, 2018 1 min read

How to decorate a Charm Wreath

What do you do with all those small ornaments and parts of ornaments that have collected in the bottom of your Christmas trimmings box year after year? Make this delightful charm wreath.Suggestions for gathering trinkets for the wreath. Tiny framed photos, small teddy bears, shells, little mushroom birds, single earrings, small wooden animals, little straw baskets, tiny wrapped gifts.Other ideas: Make a wreath for the grandparents filled with ornaments the children have made and small framed photos of them.

Materials and Tools:

Fluff and shape your wreath to be very full. Use glue gun to attach all your charms and small ornaments throughout the wreath. Scatter them throughout the wreath evenly spaced.
Time to pull out all your ribbon pieces and scraps. Make 20 small shoe lace bows to scatter throughout the wreath. Each bow should be a different color ribbon.
Glue red wired beads to wreath in a twining pattern. Tack bead garlands to wreath with dots of hot glue .
Cut apart baby's breath sprays with wire cutters and hot glue them around wreath filling in empty spaces.
Pull apart miniature silk rose bouquets with wire cutters and place rose buds throughout your wreath and then hot glue them on.