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June 17, 2021 3 min read

Planning a wedding is no easy feat – you want everything to look perfect and well-thought-out, including your wedding photos. This is something you’ll be able to cherish long after your wedding. Because of that, you want to pay special attention when outfitting your attendants.

You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and confident. How confident your bridesmaids feel in their attire will reflect in wedding photos, so make sure their confidence shines through. Ideally, it’ll be something that will perfectly match your wedding dress while also being something your bridesmaids will be able (and want) to wear again. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips on how you can coordinate your look with your bridesmaids and shine bright like a diamond on your special day.

Go for a mismatched color palette

Dressing your bridesmaids in matching gowns has its advantages. There’s more symmetry, they’re easier to shop for, and they lend a traditional touch. That said, bridesmaids often have mixed preferences when it comes to style, shape, and color of the dresses. They also create a feeling of uniformity, and may make it seem like you’re using your bridesmaids as props for your wedding photos.

If your bridesmaids’ tastes largely differ, you have two options. One is to get a model of the dress everyone likes but go for a mismatched color palette. If you can’t get them to agree on one type of dress, consider having them wear non-matching gowns. Decide on the color palette (pastels, nudes, shades of pink or purple, etc.) and let them decide on dress style. You’ll make everyone happy and also have a lovely rainbow of complementing gowns that’ll look stunning in your wedding photos.

Consider a two-piece look

Probably the best way you can ensure that your bridesmaids re-wear their outfits is to opt for a two-piece look. Two-piece looks are practical because they can be mixed and matched with other items from the closet while still being wedding-appropriate. You can take a look at Moda clothing if you need some inspiration for creating amazing and versatile two-piece looks.

If you do opt for a two-piece look, pay attention to the fabrics and shape. An elegant silk wrap blouse looks luxe and elegant, while draped details look sophisticated and effortlessly chic. You can get matching silk skirts or create contrast with tailored cotton pants. Jumpsuits and suits in general are also a great alternative to bridesmaid dresses. Just make sure that your bridesmaids’ outfits and your bridal gown have similar elements. This can be anything from silhouette and neckline to accessories and color.

Stand out with black and white wedding attires

Some brides want to retain the traditional flair on their wedding day. Others, however, may choose to do something completely different and give their wedding a modern twist. For instance, a bride may decide to dress her bridesmaids in black and white outfits that will make her stunning wedding dress stand out, whether she’s wearing a ball gown, mermaid, or tea-length dress. Some brides may also like the idea of her bridesmaids wearing mismatched black gowns or even suits.

The best thing about this approach is that it lets your bridesmaids wear wedding attires that suit their personalities best. You have to remember that not everyone has the same body type and the same style preferences. Letting your bridesmaids choose some things on their own is the best way to avoid disagreements.

Go bold with all-white bridesmaid attires

Speaking of taking a non-traditional approach to bridesmaid dress shopping, you can also dress your bridesmaids in all-white. This is a great way to coordinate with your besties while still managing to make your bridal gown stand out.

For instance, if you’re wearing a laid-back wedding gown, have your bridesmaids wear something simpler. You can do that by opting for more casual fabrics or relying on the neckline or the dress length to create contrast. If your wedding gown is on the extravagant side (e.g. a ball gown), your bridesmaids can wear something more glamorous. Accessories like veils and crowns can also be of major help in making your dress stand out. White bridesmaid dresses also work for any wedding style and destination, and that is a big plus.

Wrapping up

Choosing outfits for your bridesmaids is a big part of the wedding planning process. And while your big day is certainly the time for the bride and groom to take the spotlight, it’s important that you consider the bridesmaids as well and make sure they too are feeling their most beautiful, confident self. Use the tips above as an inspiration and you’ll ensure that you and your bridesmaids look and feel your best on your big day.

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