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August 10, 2023 2 min read

An Exit to Remember: 5 Stylish Ways to Mod Your Getaway Car


Every detail of your wedding will be perfect — including your getaway car. It’s a special part of your big day, so it has to match your personality.


Check out these stylish ways to mod your getaway to create a dreamy form of transportation that will make an exit to remember.

1. Drape a Garland

Anyone who considers themselves a plant lover, floral fairy or nature enthusiast could drape a garland across the back of their car.


It may feature fresh flowers, and attach with fishing line or magnetic tape. Remember to select a flower that means something to you, like gloxinia for love at first sight.

2. Hang a Wooden Sign

Fishing line is also an excellent tool to hang a wooden sign from the back of your vehicle. Getaway cars often feature a slogan so everyone knows you just got married. Paint a sign with whatever romantic phrase you like and attach it before your ceremony.

3. Boost Your Car’s Performance

Your wedding day should leave you with great memories, not the experience of your car breaking down on the highway. First, get your oil checked — vehicles need oil to make the engine function at its best. If you’re close to your next oil change, making that appointment before your wedding ensures your car’s performance will be at its peak.


You can also use this opportunity to get other upgrades. A new speaker system will blast your favorite romantic bops at just the right sound quality. Improving your car’s suspension system could help stabilize its sway while carrying everything you need for your romantic road trip.


Talk with your local mechanic if you’re unsure where to start. They’ll check your car’s most essential parts and discuss your options so your getaway car rides like it’s brand new.

3. Install String Lights

Fairy lights add a romantic haze to any environment. Use temporary hooks to hang them around the inside of your car. Depending on your car’s make and model, they’ll plug into your cigarette lighter or USB port.

4. Decorate With Paint

Temporary paint sticks are great tools when you want to celebrate something. Draw slogans or a donation link to your honeymoon fund on your car’s windows so everyone knows you just got married.


Don’t worry if you’re nervous about spending so much time around your diesel-powered vehicle. If the fuel’s odor lingers on your clothes, combine baking soda and vinegar to make them smell like new.

5. Order a Custom License Plate

Contact your local DMV to find out how to get a custom license plate. Whether it’s a temporary or a long-term vanity plate, you can add your wedding date or initials to make a sweet, subtle change to your getaway car.

Create a Stylish Getaway Car

You deserve a romantic wedding day, even as you drive off to your honeymoon. Consider these ideas to personalize your getaway car and create a stylish exit without renting another vehicle.