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July 13, 2018 1 min read

Natural Nut Topiary

Materials Styrofoam Cone, 9" or 12" tall 

Other Materials:Unshelled nuts (quantity varies depending on size of cone and materials used)

Assorted leaves 

Decorative clay pot or resin pot

Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks 


1. Start with sturdy clay or resin pot which will be used as the base for the treeSecurely place your Styrofoam or floral foam cone into the pot. Make sure the foam is firmly placed in the container. Do not soak the foam in water.

2.Following pattern in photo, or using your own design, arrange and glue nuts around the Styrofoam cone using a hot glue gun. Leaving as little space as possible between each piece.

3.After totally covering the Styrofoam cone, insert “fillers” in the gaps between the nuts. I used leaves from an ivy garland. Place silk leaves throughout the topiary attaching with glue gun. But dried or fresh moss would also work well.