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September 16, 2021 3 min read

After getting engaged, many brides-to-be are surprised at how quickly wedding planning can turn into a mountain of debt. The industry charges costly fees for even the most simple services, but you don’t have to take out loans to get married. Check out these eight steps to paying for your dream wedding so you can enjoy the most romantic day of your life without worrying about your bank account.

1. Explore Your Wedding Preferences

You won’t know how much to save for your wedding until you know what you want. Have fun daydreaming about color schemes and venues while saving pictures and notes to categorize your top priorities. When you’re ready to budget, you’ll have a collection of ideas to reflect on while estimating how much you can pay for each detail.

2. Analyze Your Current Budget

How much are you currently putting into your savings account every month? Can you increase it until the wedding? Analyze your current budget to increase your routine savings and spend a little less until you get married.

3. Meet With Potential Vendors

Wedding vendors will price their services differently, so call or meet with them to compare quotes. You might find that you can afford a caterer and a DJ, but you’ll save money by creating your flower arrangements and baking your cake.

4. Practice Your Bridal Beauty

You can also save money by doing your own makeup and beauty treatments. Treat yourself to a pedicure after creating a unique scent you want to wear on your wedding day. Practice eyeliner styles and eyeshadow techniques. You’ll look great and save hundreds of dollars that expensive salons would charge for your big day.

5. Compare Nearby Wedding Venues

Some venues include things like chairs and dinnerware in their quotes, while others expect you to rent those supplies in addition to renting their property. Talk with the venues you love the most to see where you can get married and minimize the need for extra rentals.

6. Open a Specific Savings Account

It’s always wise to open a specific savings account just for your wedding funds. You won’t accidentally lose money to automatic bill withdrawals or the occasional impulse purchase. Look into high-yield savings accounts to make more in interest so your money makes money while the months fly by.

7. Set Monthly Savings Goals

Throwing chunks of your paycheck into the void known as your savings account gets old quickly. Encourage yourself by setting monthly savings goals that you can physically check off a list or celebrate. It’s much easier to stay on track when you can watch your progress every week.

8. Talk With Your Family

Parents and grandparents often want to pitch in or pay for specific parts of their loved one’s wedding. Talk with them about if they’d like to help with your dress, veil or flower arrangements. Every bit of help counts and they may jump at the chance to finally help plan the wedding they started looking forward to when you were born.

Pay for Your Dream Wedding

These are eight simple steps to paying for your dream wedding that make a big difference. Establishing a new budget, comparing all of your options and replacing vendors with easy DIY projects or treatments will make paying for your wedding less of a financial hassle.