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March 10, 2023 3 min read

8 Fun Ways to Use Technology in Your Wedding

Technology trends are rising in the wedding industry, from live-streaming ceremonies to social media resources like digital wedding countdowns. You might be surprised how some of these can help minimize stress and even your budget during planning and preparation for your big day.

1. Send Digital Invitations

Technologies like digital invitations can streamline your wedding planning and minimize your budget. Digital invitations eliminate the need for paper invites, RSVPs and registry details. They’re also inexpensive, easy to create and make being eco-friendly an option during wedding planning. Going digital makes tracking guests easier since responding to invites online is more convenient than mailing them.

2. Create a Custom Hashtag

Keeping track of your photos on social media has never been easier than with custom hashtags, with 82% of weddings using hashtags in posts leading up to and after the event. All your guests can post on their social media sites and include the hashtag in their photo captions or comments.


Then, all the photos from your big day will be in one place so you can browse and save the ones you want. Ensure you inform your guests of the hashtag in clear and defined spaces so they remember to use it in their posts.

3. Use Snapchat Filters

Using a Snapchat filter is pretty much mandatory for most selfies nowadays, but what about using one specifically for your wedding? A Snapchat filter uses your location to create a graphic design that says whatever you want on your guest’s photos.


Geofilters are available depending on your location, so anyone in the defined area can access them on Snapchat. You can submit your customizable Geofilter up to 180 days before your wedding to ensure it’s ready to go.

4. Use a Wedding Drone

Drones can capture unique angles for photographs and videos. Plus, it’s a fun way to capture moments during your big day. Imagine getting an aerial view of you and your bride or groom that you can swoon over for ages. They can also ease your worries about not getting enough photos from the photographer and serve as a backup plan if photography gear fails or during an emergency.


Additionally, drones are versatile gadgets you can use for practically anything nowadays. You can use one as a ring bearer or to hold the train of your wedding dress if you want! However, ensure your venue is FAA approved since some areas prohibit drones.

5. Create a Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website can streamline your planning process and keep everyone up to date on all things wedding. You can add your registry and additional details on your website so everyone can access them in one place. Once you create your registry, you can add items — about 80% of couples start adding things to their registry seven months before their wedding.

6. Memory Reels

Another excellent way to use technology in your wedding is to create memory reels for guests. You can include this at your reception or wedding entrance to welcome guests into your big day.


Memory reels are fun to create and pose an opportunity to bond with your future spouse. Planning can be stressful, but creating a slideshow of memories of your journey as a couple is a fun and refreshing way to plan your day.

7. Wedding Cake Light Projections

Disney unveiled a unique opportunity in 2014 to transform your wedding cake into anything you want with light projections. Projection mapping is a fun way to incorporate images and video onto any surface.


You can use light projections on the walls during the reception to create a unique atmosphere or during your ceremony to transport your guests — the options are endless. Projections can get pricey, but they’re a bold way to make a statement, and what better excuse than your wedding day?

8. Digital Photobooth

Some folks are still leery of social gatherings post-pandemic or can’t attend your ceremony for other reasons. Don’t fret — you can still include everyone you want with a digital photo booth. Virtual photo booths provide a way to engage with remote guests through a photo booth experience from their phones or laptops. You can also invest in GIF photo booths that offer animation in addition to your printed photos.

Technology Tips and Tricks for Wedding

Technology is constantly evolving. While it may be confusing for some, it can be a game-changer for wedding planning. Utilize these technology trends into your big day to make a statement or streamline your planning process!