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July 15, 2021 3 min read

Supporting a lifestyle that gives back to the planet and other people becomes more complicated once you look into your preferred brands. Many corporations focus on making a profit instead of making a difference. If you want to buy clothes and accessories that fund missions you love, check out these eight fashion brands doing incredible things.

1. Omi Woods

Jewelry is an art form that often uses natural resources like gems and metals. Omi Woods creates contemporary pieces that celebrate African cultures by selecting only fair trade gold and conflict-free metals. Every piece comes from a small-scale mine and workers who earn a fair wage, creating long-term jobs that support robust local economies.

2. Hozen

Many fashion brands use genuine leather to produce handbags, but that conflicts with vegan lifestyles. You can find iconic bags made with plant-based leather at Hozen. The brand doesn’t use animals in any production phase and even sources cotton for lining and tags from recycled materials.

3. Coquí el Original

The founders of Coquí el Original design jewelry lines inspired by Puerto Rico, so every purchase gives back to the U.S. territory. They sponsor the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust, which uses donations to manage protected areas and host educational events. Their work makes an immediate environmental difference and a hopeful future through educating people in all generations. 

4. Eric Javits

The Eric Javits line is famous for its hats, but fans also love the brand because their products protect people from developing melanoma by blocking sunlight with specialized fabric. You won’t have to worry about your health while volunteering in outdoor spaces within your community. If it’s safer to spend time outside and give back to the planet, you can make a more significant difference just by looking for a helpful hat made with your safety in mind.

5. Alohas

Alohas is an alternative for people who want an ethical alternative to on-demand, fast-fashion shopping. Their company makes leather products with corn and cactus ingredients, bypassing animal cruelty concerns. Combined with recycled bio polyols and polyester, their line makes everything from heels to swimwear so you don’t have to compromise your values to look great.

6. Conscious Step

You want your purchases to give back, but there are so many causes to support. Conscious Step makes socks so you don’t have to choose. No matter which pair catches your eye, you’ll help a different cause that aligns with their design. Your wardrobe could fund everything from saving shelter pups to preventing breast cancer.

7. BITE Studios

Luxury fashion brands often rely on excessive natural resource quantities to make each piece of clothing. BITE Studios makes their luxury designs by finding low-impact certified fabrics and recycled materials. They’re changing the industry so you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style. The brand also hand-tailors each piece so you’ll get the perfect fit and rebuild your wardrobe with clothes that are better for the planet.

8. QuiQuattro

The fashion industry has always catered to women, but QuiQuattro also supports them. Every jewelry purchase gives money to women’s education missions in Turkey. The company also actively seeks out women artisans so they have more job opportunities to support themselves by doing what they love.

Great Fashion Brands Doing Incredible Things

The fashion industry isn’t always progressive, but these brands do incredible things for people worldwide. Consider your priorities to match them with brands that will help you achieve the lifestyle you want.