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October 31, 2022 4 min read

7 Unique Wedding Spots in NYC


Several circumstances can influence the location and timing of your wedding in one of the world's best cities. Your primary considerations will be proximity, aesthetics, and capacity (aside from budget, of course). Think about the elements of the city that are special to the two of you and those that you'd want to include in your wedding photos. Photo opportunities in iconic New York City locations like Central Park, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the skyline need planning. We are here to let you in on some of the most breathtaking and unique wedding spots in NYC that you may want to check out.

Modern lofts, intimate restaurants, hotels, gardens, and everything in between are just some of the wedding venues available in New York City. High how are the price points, though, at the greatest New York City wedding venues? That's a tricky topic, so we consulted the real experts: engaged couples. The following New York City locations have received several glowing ratings on several wedding planning websites and are among the finest in the city.

Choosing a wedding venue is not as easy as you think.

1. The Brooklyn Winery

One of the most stylish Brooklyn venues for weddings is an indoor vineyard. Among the most in-demand spots in New York City, this room can accommodate up to 165 people. In particular, the glass ceiling (hello, great natural light!), rustic décor, and accents have won our hearts. You can get crafty within this place. It is so gorgeous. You get a beautiful ambiance and competent and joyful staff that tries hard to fulfill your requirements. Really, what more could you ask for?

2. Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

Looking for a New York City wedding location with a breathtaking panorama? This 8,000-square-foot penthouse in a chic Beaux-Arts structure on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 14th Street gives spectacular views of the city in every direction. The space can accommodate up to 200 people, and food is available on-site. It's also great that the loft has a blend of old-world charm and contemporary chic.

3. Midtown Loft & Terrace

This Fifth Avenue location is the height of New York City bridal elegance. The modern apartment has beautiful natural light and would be ideal for a chic urban wedding. The retractable roof on the 4,400-square-foot Terrace is a great addition that allows for year-round use of the area. The Loft is also highly sought after because of its adaptability to any theme or color scheme. The venue's in-house production team will make event organization a breeze. Experts at bestmovers.nyc recommend storing your wedding decorations, gifts, or any other excess items you don't want to take home or on a honeymoon with you in a local storage unit.

4. MyMoon

MyMoon in Williamsburg is evidence that a converted boiler room can be trendy thanks to its open-air courtyard, 19th-century exposed brick, and contemporary wood furnishings. With its lofty ceilings, private garden, and modern Spanish culinary choices, this venue is perfect for parties of up to 150 guests looking for something out of the ordinary. If you want one of NYC's most unique wedding spots, you should choose MyMoon. The place is so charming that no one can resist it.

MyMoon is one of the best places for smaller-size weddings.

5. The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge, located on the top level (the 16th) of the Ink48 Hotel in Midtown, is a stylish alternative for lovebirds looking for a rooftop setting. Up to 350 people can fit on the top level, with 20-foot-high windows offering a bird's-eye view of the city. The lounge's main interior area and the adjoining Greenhouse can accommodate up to 120 seated guests, while the adjacent Sun Room is ideal for parties of 30 or fewer. It's also one of the less expensive options on this list. So if you were looking to move to New York and make it your new home after a wedding, this is the best option.

6.  Old Field Club

The historic Old Field Club is located on the north coast of Long Island, on the ocean, providing a quiet and private setting not too distant from New York City. It is honestly one of the unique wedding spots in NYC. Have your ceremony on the club's beautiful lawn, terrace, or pavilion before taking the celebration to the ballroom, which can seat up to 170 people. In addition to offering specialized culinary services, the club also gives engaged couples a curated list of approved local suppliers, taking the stress out of finding the right people to help you celebrate your big day, particularly if you're a city person planning a getaway wedding.

Keep in mind that you'll need at least 120 people on Saturdays, but on Fridays and Sundays, you may get away with less. If you're trying to stick to your wedding budget, this is the perfect place for you.

Old Field Club is perfect for a smaller, more intimate wedding. It's one of the unique wedding spots in NYC.

7. The Rainbow Room

Since its opening in 1934, this Manhattan institution has been hailed as one of the city's most glamorous hangouts. It's become one of the unique wedding spots in NYC. After extensive renovations, the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza reopened in 2014. All of the level's characteristic architectural features were kept, and the floor's new look is inspired by the ageless essence of New York's architecture. The iconic domed ceiling and rotating dance floor are the focal points of this space, which is further elevated by a renowned crystal chandelier and spectacular crystal wall sconces that evoke stars. Given that it has one of the city's most incredible vistas, the venue's interior isn't the only thing worth seeing.