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February 20, 2020 3 min read

Whether you've spent your life daydreaming about your wedding or just recently started thinking about how yours will look, it's time to jump into planning. Wedding planning is more than picking out a dress or finding the right caterer for your reception. You have to weave your relationship and personalities into the ceremony to make the day special.

Wedding Planning Process
You'll consider things you never thought would matter, like the colors of the ribbons around your bouquet or the design of the candle holders on your reception tables. Everyone will have an opinion and feel the need to pitch it, which makes the entire process even more stressful. It's fun to taste-test cake slices and reserve a destination venue, but brides often feel overwhelmed as their big day draws closer.If that's the case for you, check out these seven tips to keep you sane during the wedding planning process. With the right help, you'll glide through and make your ceremony and reception a magical experience.
1. Refresh Your Perspective
It's easy to feel like your wedding will be the biggest day of your life. There's pressure to make every detail perfect from all angles but remember to refresh your perspective. You're not a royal family member getting married in front of millions of TV viewers. Your wedding will consist of you and your loved ones, who will only want to have a good time. The off shade of white or small stain on your tablecloth won't matter in the long run.
2. Plan Every Detail
Some brides worry their wedding won't be perfect because it feels like they're winging it. Although no wedding happens without a few minor bumps in the road, you can plan every detail to remind yourself that you've got things under control. Write everything down or create a vision board so you can reflect on what you've accomplished, and watch your to-do list and stress levels shrink.
3. Stick to Your Budget
Wedding Planning Process
Even the smallest weddings can be a bit expensive. You'll fall in love with different decor and ideas until you walk down the aisle, but if you t and stick to it, you won't come back from your honeymoon with debt to pay off. Budgets remove financial pressure now and after the wedding.
4. Ask Bridesmaids for Help
You have the final call on every decision, but you don't have to make them on your own.  with some of the more stressful work. They'll step in when you need a break and remind you that you're not alone.
5. Spend Time on Self-Care
It's tempting to direct all your energy toward your wedding, but save some for yourself, too. If you haven't practiced self-care, . You might switch up your routine, dance for 30 seconds when you're stressed or end each night with a bubble bath so you settle into a calmer state of mind.
6. Live a Healthier Lifestyle
Wedding Planning Process
You could feel super stressed out about the tiniest details because your body needs help. Relying on a diet filled with sugar and sleeping only a few hours each night isn't enough to fuel your well-being. Instead, figure out how you can through little changes like eating breakfast every day or cutting down on your sugar consumption.
7. Get Out of Your Head
Focusing on your wedding-planning might make you feel stuck in your head, so shake off the stress and do somewhere new. Take a mini-vacation with your future spouse, volunteer within your community or try out that new restaurant that just opened down the street. A fresh experience gets you back to a healthier perspective and will help you enjoy the months leading up to your wedding a bit more.
Try Out These Tips
You never know what will work until you try it, so practice these tips to discover which ones help you the most. After you've arranged a budget, asked your bridesmaids for help and started healthier habits, you'll feel ready for anything in your wedding planning process.