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January 13, 2023 3 min read

6 Unique and Memorable Bridal Shower Ideas



Bridal showers often involve food, games and gifts with the bride’s family and friends. While some traditions are fun and timeless, you may want to spice it up a bit. Check out these unique and memorable ideas to start your party planning. You’ll find activities and foods that match your personality while creating a lively atmosphere for your bridal shower.

1. Take a DJ Class


It’s always fun to learn a new skill, especially if you do it with the people you love. Invite your bridal shower guests to take a DJ class with you. Everyone will have a great time figuring out how to use the turntables and even make a mix before heading home.

2. Go Indoor Skydiving


People have fallen in love with indoor skydiving. Wind tunnels are easy to find in most big cities, so consider visiting one with your friends for your bridal shower. You could also turn your party into a weekend getaway if there isn’t an indoor skydiving business near your hometown.


Even if you’re one of the 3%-6% of people who fear heights, you may feel safe inside the enclosed glass tunnel with an instructor. Enjoy the jolt of adrenaline and take a few photos — you’ll host a memorable party no one will ever forget.

3. Request BYO Charcuterie Boards


Who can resist cheese and crackers? Charcuterie boards are great for parties because they’re easy to customize for everyone’s dietary preferences or needs. You could make them more fun by asking everyone to bring their own board.


Pick a theme for everyone to stick by or ask them to bring their favorite foods. People might show up with boards covered in desserts, fast foods, breakfast cereals or other unique snacks that wouldn’t appear on a traditional charcuterie board.


You could even create charcuterie boards around everyone’s favorite drink. If you like sake, you could select hard cheeses like parmesan, Asiago and manchego for a board with sushi and fruit. The hard texture and sharp flavors would pair well with a smooth saki. Everyone will bring unique selections, which makes any bridal shower more memorable.

4. Throw Axes Together


Very few people can say they threw axes for their bridal shower. It’s a recently popular activity that’s great for groups, so take advantage of it by surprising your guests. You can see who gets the most points by landing your ax on the target inside each indoor throwing range. Businesses also often have drinks and snacks to keep the party going while you’re there for an hour or two.

5. Make Homemade Ice Cream


Most people prefer different flavors and toppings when they crave ice cream. Celebrate each of your loved ones by inviting them over to make their favorite flavors in your kitchen. You’ll only need a few budget-friendly ingredients, like:


  • Ice
  • Rock salt
  • Sugar
  • Heavy cream
  • Flavor ingredients


Combining the ingredients in a bag makes the salt cause a chemical reaction that freezes the ingredients into 15-minute ice cream. Everyone can snack while you open gifts. After the party ends, you’ll enjoy the leftovers while combing through other essential details like insuring your engagement ring and finalizing your guest list.

6. Work on Paint-by-Numbers


Anyone with an artsy spirit could host a bridal shower centered on paint-by-numbers. Order one for everyone and establish enough tablespace for each guest to set up their paint. You can work on your canvases while listening to music and pause for activities like eating or opening gifts.


If you’ve never tried a paint-by-number before, don’t worry. Each picture comes with detailed instructions, and you can always read about common troubleshooting tips to get ahead of things like curling canvas or dry paint.

Plan a Unique Bridal Shower


Finding unique and memorable bridal shower ideas doesn’t have to feel challenging. Use tips like these to figure out what party activities or foods match your personality. You’ll plan the ultimate party and enjoy every second with your favorite people.