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February 24, 2023 3 min read

6 U.S. Minimoon Destinations to Celebrate Your Engagement

Some couples celebrate their engagement by throwing a party, but others want to travel. If you dream of getting away with your fiancé, check out these popular minimoon destinations in the U.S. A quick trip could be the romantic getaway of your dreams and kick off your wedding planning in the best way possible.

What Is a Minimoon?

A minimoon is a shorter version of a honeymoon. It can happen after your wedding, but many couples enjoy planning one to celebrate their engagement. It’s a romantic weekend escape where you can enjoy your love bubble before starting your wedding planning experience.

Best U.S. Minimoon Destinations

Pick from any of these U.S. minimoon destinations and you’ll spend time in a gorgeous location with plenty of romantic activities.

1. Big Sur, California


People travel to Big Sur to road trip down the 90 miles of coastal highway, which also features the famous Bixby Bridge seen in shows like “Big Little Lies.” Along the way, you can stop at many cute landmarks, shop at thrift stores, surf incredible waves or relax at high-end spas.


Big Sur tourists love taking photos at such gorgeous destinations. Bring your favorite camera or have your phone charged for continual picture-taking. You won’t want to waste any of the endless views, no matter how you spend time during your minimoon.

2. Lawton, Oklahoma


If you love spending time in nature, you might enjoy a minimoon near the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. The massive park has free-roaming animals you can watch while hiking, rock climbing, rappelling or mountain biking.


When you’re ready for an afternoon or evening inside, nearby hotels offer everything from luxurious salt-water pools and hot tubs to casino games and concerts. You’ll have the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor vacation activities to celebrate your engagement.

3. Asheville, North Carolina


Couples often travel to Asheville when they want a mountainside getaway. This famous North Carolina city is home to numerous wineries and breweries, plus fine dining for anyone who considers themselves a restaurant connoisseur.


You could drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains or fly into Asheville Regional Airport. If you plan to fly, remember to properly check liquids and any sharp objects in your luggage. Don’t let airline trouble delay your trip!

4. Chicago, Illinois


There are endless activities to enjoy while you spend a weekend minimoon in Chicago. You could go skating, catch a comedy show, eat a delicious Chicago-style pizza or visit the Aire Ancient Baths for a one-of-a-kind bathing experience.


If you’re an avid movie watcher, you may also want to check out some famous filming locations in the city. It’s such a popular spot for filming movies and TV shows, you may even become a background extra on an active set during your trip!

5. Miami, Florida


If you’re missing sunny afternoons on the beach, plan a minimoon to Miami. Even in the heart of winter, the city averages temperatures between 62 and 78 degrees for its year-round beach tourists. It’s perfect for minimoons after Christmas or New Year’s engagements, especially if you want to celebrate in a city with plenty of nightlife or a massive arena with continual events.

6. Sedona, Arizona


Desert getaways are the latest way for couples to celebrate their engagement. Sedona is an excellent option for this experience because it’s removed from hectic city life without limiting your entertainment opportunities.


Spend a weekend wine tasting and hiking before star-gazing in the city with little to no light pollution. Couples can also visit wellness retreats in the area for a refreshing experience before returning home.

Choose Your Minimoon Destination

With so many U.S. minimoon destinations to consider, anyone who wants to celebrate their engagement with some traveling can plan the perfect trip. Think about how you enjoy relaxing and what your fiancé loves to do on vacation. You’ll return home with great memories and renewed energy to power through every last wedding planning detail.