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April 26, 2023 3 min read

6 Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Memorable

Your wedding day will be full of joy, which you’ll want captured by a talented photographer. Although they may have a few shots in mind, you can always suggest fun ways to make your wedding photos memorable.

Capture unique pictures on your big day by considering ideas like these. You’ll have a photo album of extra fun memories from your favorite day.

1. Grab a Secret Bite

Couples who consider themselves foodies can order from their favorite restaurant before their wedding ceremony or reception. When the food arrives, ask someone to hide it in your venue’s kitchen until you’re ready for photos. Your photographer can whisk you away so you and your partner get private pictures with your favorite food.

The goal is to get couples’ portraits that speak to your personalities. Lounge on a garden bench together while taking huge bites out of cheeseburgers. You could share a milkshake with cute straws or sit on top of your personalized getaway car for a wine glass toast.

It’ll feel nice to have a moment away from the party atmosphere of your wedding. You’ll also get a quick bite of something that’s just for the two of you. Celebrate your passion for food with pictures that stand out from the crowd of newlyweds.

2. Involve Your Guests

While posed photos of the bridal party are a must, you should also consider staging photos with other guests. Your wedding day can be hectic, so planning a photo opp with each guest can be a great way to ensure you don’t miss anyone.

Make it fun with props or silly poses. Have your guests set off party poppers or hold sparklers with you. If you have children at the wedding, be sure to find safe options like paper sparklers or costume props, like top hats or feather boas.    

3. Wear Each Other’s Accessories

You might get fun pictures by swapping wedding accessories with your significant other. Take photos while posing in your groom’s tie while he straps on your bridal sandals or wears your veil. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can swap accessories as well. Everyone will have a laugh by doing something different, which always leads to great pictures.

4. Jump in the Pool

If your wedding venue has a pool, jump into it at your reception with your guests. Your photographer can capture pictures of everyone swimming and laughing in their finest clothes. Remind everyone to bring a second outfit for post-swimming reception dancing.

Whether you swim in your venue’s pool, lake, beach or river, you’ll get unique photos for your wedding gallery. Stop by your venue a day early to drop off enough towels for everyone and you’ll have everything you need for a great night.

5. Toss the Bride

Sometimes couples ask their guests to gather around them and pick up the bride. After raising her above their heads on her back, they toss her so the photographer can capture mid-air reaction photos. You could replicate this with your groom or whichever partner wants to participate. Time it to a fun reception song and you’ll add a unique activity to your reception celebration.

6. Show Off Your Ring

While you’re enjoying a slice of your wedding cake or mingling with your extended family members, your photographer could borrow your engagement ring to take pictures with your guests.

One person at a time can try your ring on and pretend like they just accepted a proposal. The people reacting around them will make the pictures priceless. It’s another way to get silly photos without the traditional poses you’ve seen in every other couple’s wedding galleries.

Make Your Wedding Photos Memorable

While you’re planning every last detail of your big day, don’t forget about the pictures you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Make your wedding photos memorable by using these fun ideas. Whether everyone jumps in a pool or tosses you in the air, you’ll have a scrapbook of unique memories that make you smile.