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March 26, 2024 3 min read

5 Unconventional Honeymoon Destinations You'll Never Forget


Everyone wants a honeymoon they can remember forever. Classics like Hawaii, Italy and France are romantic spots, but couples default to these locales.


If you're looking for unique post-wedding destinations, check out these five dreamy places that will give you the trip of a lifetime.

1. Atacama Desert in Chile

If you're planning an international escape, you need a passport and a budget. Passport book and card processing takes about 13 weeks, so plan this getaway months beforehand.


A desert is probably the last destination you'd ever think of spending a romantic honeymoon in, but the stark simplicity, solitude and pure air you'll find in the Atacama Desert will surely refresh your soul. Despite the aridity, you'll have a long list of things to do here.


Visit the Piedras Rojas — a paradise of otherworldly red-hued rocks that look like natural cobblestones. A short distance from this spectacle are Laguna Miscanti and Laguna Miñiques. The last activity will surely be the most romantic — stargazing in the remarkably clear skies of the desert. Appreciate the night sky, see the constellations and get a chance to view the Milky Way in all its glory, just like you see in movies. You'll surely brag about this experience to your grandchildren.

2. Glenwood Springs in Colorado

Relaxation might be all you're up for after a stressful wedding ceremony. If so, flying to Colorado to experience complete rejuvenation at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort may be the respite you need.


Known as the world's largest hot springs pool, the spot boasts natural spring water with 15 minerals to refresh your body, mind and spirit. You'll love the sensation of hot water washing away your stress. After enjoying a therapeutic soak, try the delicious food in the poolside grill and snack bar, or shop fashionable swimwear in their on-site shopping center. Rain or shine, the resort opens all year round, so you can always book at the last minute to create memories.

3. Zermatt in Switzerland

Zermatt in the Swiss Alps offers plenty of adventures that will fuel your inner athlete, from skiing to hiking to climbing. During winter, paragliding or off-piste heli-skiing are other top activities to do. Cycling and climbing will make your heart pump in the summer and autumn.


This attractive honeymoon destination is a car-free zone, so you'll find no traffic here. You can get to the village through shuttle trains that leave Täsch every 20 minutes. Within Zermatt, options for travel are going by foot, electric vehicles or horse-drawn carriage. The last option will allow you to immerse yourself in alpine nature.


Elevate your honeymoon experience by trying exquisite alpine cuisine. Taste the best wine and admire giant mountains from Europe's highest cable car station 3,883 meters from the ground.

4. Nairobi, Kenya

How would you like a unique honeymoon experience with the giraffes or elephants?

If your idea of a romantic post-wedding trip is with the wildlife, exploring the safari capital of the world is the coolest thing to fit into your itinerary. Nairobi offers plenty of must-try adventures that are perfect for couples looking for a thrill.


Go on a picnic in Uhuru Park, feed the giraffes at the Giraffe Manor or say hello to the baby elephants at the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage. This vibrant city in Africa appeals to those interested in wildlife, nature, history, art, food and local culture. Other tourist spots to explore exotic animals are the Nairobi National Park,  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Giraffe Centre.


Experience the luxury of waking up in the morning with elephants casually walking in your hotel’s front yard or lobby. It will surely be one for books.

5. Antarctica, Base of the Globe

If you want to turn a mainstream honeymoon into a rare, polar story you can proudly tell your grandchildren, surprise them with your Antarctica expedition. Many go to extra lengths to visit this ice region. It's a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to frozen landscapes you’ll never forget.

Enjoy the view of the emperor penguin colony at Snow Hill Island, or watch the glacier fronts and whales while on a kayak. Better yet, scuba dive to see the breathtaking underwater attractions and get a chance to swim with the penguins. Ensure you pack for this awe-inspiring expedition to a wilderness of snow —- a sight you won't see anywhere else in the globe.

Create Honeymoon Memories That Last

While you can always take a vacation, a honeymoon comes to many people only once. Why not make it perpetual by creating unforgettable memories in these unique destinations? The magic you're looking for will be in whatever you decide to do.