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March 26, 2020 3 min read

It's easy to become laser-focused on the major elements of your wedding – the dress, venue and photographer… Even so, brides and grooms will forget that finer touches that make a massive difference. After all, you and your guests won't have much fun if you forget someone’s dietary preferences.

So how do you prepare for the unexpected? Take a look at these small details and you’ll get hitched without a hitch.
1. Place Cards
Small Details With a Big Impact
You've probably put a lot of thought into your reception. You picked out a terrific caterer and arranged the tables, but there's a little more that you can do. Most couples  throughout the venue. This way, your aunt isn't stuck by her ex-husband. It's vital to create place cards so that everyone can locate their specific spot.Construct a chart that lists the name of each guest and where they're seated. Make sure that every table has a number, so it's easy for people to look around and spot their table. Also, put a name card on each plate. Feel free to experiment with fun prints and fonts that match your color scheme.When guests walk into the reception, they'll be able to scan the chart and find the appropriate seat quickly. This system saves everyone from confusion.
2. Accessible Walkways
In the middle of your ceremony, someone needs to leave for a moment – but they can't. There's a massive flower pot on their left and a row of guests on their right. Of course, they don't want to cause a disturbance, so they remain seated. Try to clear out these obstructions beforehand so that a similar problem doesn't occur. It's necessary to consider the layout of your space ahead of time, starting with and dancefloor.It's still equally as important to make sure that every object finds its place on your big day. Nominate a bridesmaid or friend and ask them to do a once-over of the venue. Can they get from Point A to Point B without any issues? If you have guests who use wheelchairs, triple-check that all paths are wide enough. As for the reception, servers and guests should be able to move freely.If you're concerned about potential eyesores, now's the time to address those as well.
3. Transportation
You're so concentrated on other details that you forget to change your oil – and then your car breaks down on the way to your ceremony. Even worse, your loved ones decorated your getaway vehicle, and all of a sudden, it won't start. You'll want to  to ensure that you don't run into these concerns.Open the hood of your car and look for potential problems. You may need to replace your oil filters and spark plugs. Don't forget to check tire pressure and top-up your gas. The sooner you take these steps, the better – a mechanic may need to take a look. However, if you've stayed diligent, you shouldn't have any problems.
4. Dietary Preferences
Small Details With a Big Impact
As you know, food and drink play a significant role in lengthy events. Whether you plan to serve a fancy three-course meal or put on a laid-back buffet, it's crucial to prioritize your guests' needs above all else.Before you book a specific vendor, you'll want to consider everyone's dietary preferences. It's typically standard to provide both a meat-based and vegetarian entree whatever they prefer. Maybe you've got a ton of vegan friends, and your father can't eat gluten. In that case, it's a smart idea to take a specialized approach.To gather this information, send out a fill-in-the-blank note along with your invitations. When guests RSVP, ask them to circle one of the meal options and include any allergies or restrictions. You can also opt for an online survey if you have everyone's emails. Then, you'll be able to create a more expansive menu.
5. Restrooms
Try not to overlook the powder rooms at your venue. A couple of simple touches can make a noticeable difference with your guests. While you don't need to add a stack of expensive hand towels, you should pay close attention to the basics – and a few essential extras.Each bathroom needs additional toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels. You can also add personal care products to the ladies' rooms. Consider a bottle of hand sanitizer, too. Then, take your preparations a step further. Pick up a few and packages of makeup wipes. Deodorant and perfume keep everyone fresh, and breath mints work wonders.Small bandages and bug spray are perfect for outdoor weddings. If younger children are there, include wet wipes and diapers.
Think About These Touches Ahead of Your Special Day
From place cards to restrooms, take a few moments to consider these small details ahead of your wedding. They'll make an already meaningful day that much more special.