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December 23, 2019 3 min read

Weddings are all about making your big day as creative and enjoyable as possible. While you plan everything out, you get to have fun exploring all the ways you can personalize your wedding. From the food to your flowers, everything is up to you.

One of the ways many modern brides make their weddings even more special is by changing up their reception dance floor. Instead of sticking with what your venue gives you, you can get creative with how the dance floor looks. Check out these twelve unique ideas for your wedding dance floor that will make your reception truly memorable. With the right inspiration, you'll create a dance floor design that changes the atmosphere from an enjoyable reception to one that looks as fun as it feels.
Wedding Dance Floor
1. Hang Sparkling Stars
Many brides think about how their dance floor will appear, but a simple way to start the process of designing it is to think about what will hang above it. If your venue has a low ceiling or supportive beams, use tacks or tape to hang sparkling stars above the dance floor. They can be found online or at most craft stores.
2. Set Up a Canopy
Brides who dream about canopy beds and long flowing curtains in their home will love setting up a canopy over their dance floor. Depending on your budget, you can go big with a large tent that hangs from the ceiling or from each side of your venue.
3. Print a Decal
What your dance floor may be missing is a custom decal that you can print at home for free. Think about designing a decal with your new initials or a phrase that's centered around love. Talk with your venue to make sure that sticking it on the floor won't break your rental contract.
4. Sprinkle Flower Petals
Many romantic scenes in movies happen in a place that's scattered with rose petals. It's a classic romantic gesture that creates a lovely ambiance, so sprinkle flower petals around your dance floor to get the romantic vibe you're looking for.
5. Build Your Own Dance Floor
Wedding Dance Floor
Some venues don't have their own dance floor or they may have one that you don't like. If you get a few supplies, you can and transport it to your venue the day before your ceremony.
6. Feature Your Crest
Why not celebrate your marriage by featuring your new family crest on the dance floor? Print it out as a decal or paint it on a sign you can prop up next to your dance floor.
7. Use an Outdoor Space
Does your ceremony or reception venue have an outdoor space you can use? As long as it's not too hot or too cold, your guests will love dancing in an outdoor space that you designate as your dance floor.
8. Create an Upsidedown Garden
If your reception venue has a tall ceiling, you may enjoy to hang over your dance floor. Use real or faux flowers to help it fit in your budget and still look fantastic in pictures.
9. Dance on a Pool
Brides who are hosting their reception at home or have a venue with a pool can rent an acrylic dance floor that sits over a pool. Guests can party to your reception playlist while the pool glows from below their feet.
10. Rent an Antique Chandelier
Wedding Dance Floor
What your dance floor might be missing is a touch of vintage class. Rent an antique chandelier or buy one at a farmer's market to make the dance floor more homey and welcoming.
11. Crisscross String Lights
String lights are a gorgeous way to add mood lighting to your dance floor. Hang them from the ceiling and crisscross them over the dance floor for ambiance you can't get anywhere else.
12. Roll Out a Rug
Your dance floor may be a more enjoyable place to party if you roll out a large rug over it. Find a rug that matches the colors used in your wedding to pull the entire design of your reception together.
See What Works
Try to play around with your dance floor ideas far enough ahead of time that you can see what works at your venue before your wedding day arrives. Once you find the right decor, your dance floor will look like a great place to dance the night away.