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Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas


Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings are characterized by cozy details to combat the chilly weather outside. Sprinkle in some snow-dusted decorations and holiday motifs to bring the ambience of a winter wonderland to your reception.

  • Snuggle Buddies

    For an outdoor ceremony in crisp weather, this winter wedding idea will bring a bit of warmth to your big day. For a fun and fuzzy display, station a large wood chip basket on the ground before the entrance to your ceremony. Next, roll up plush, plaid blankets and tie thick cords of hemp around them to keep them in place. Next, use yellow chalk marker to write the phrase, “Snuggle Up!” on a hanging chalkboard. Attach the chalkboard to the top of your basket so the message is displayed on the front. Guests will love cuddling under the blankets as they wait for the fun to begin.
    Photo from Bridal Musings
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Winter Boughs

    Emulate the bare-boned look of the season with this winter wedding idea. Perfect for long, stark tables at your reception, these centerpiece arrangements are easy to reproduce. Start by selecting large glass cylinder vases to line down your long table. Next, arrange 3-4 dark natural branches in the vases, and fill the vases with water. Add a touch of greenery to your display by placing white hydrangea sprays among your branches at the top of the vases. Finish your display by filling hanging glass candleholders with white votive candles, and suspend them from your branches.
    Photo from Today's Mama
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Apothecary Cones

    Encapsulate the textures of the season with this winter wedding centerpiece decoration. For this charming, woodsy look, start by sprinkling layers of fake snow in the center of your reception table. Fill two, large apothecary jars with medium size pinecones and place them in the middle of your snow bank. Next, fill several gold vases with cedar branch sprays (best to cut to 14" size)and preserved green hydrangeas, and arrange them around the apothecary jars. Complete your look by filling glass candle bases with ivory taper candles, and scattering them among the vases and jars.
    Photo from Weddingomania
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Holiday Spice

    Add a splash of color and fragrance to your winter wedding reception with these cheerful napkins. Recreate these eye-catching table settings by selecting 16in square linen napkins as your simple, organic canvas. Fold the napkins into long, slender rectangles. Next, place a single cinnamon stick and a sprig of red berries atop each napkin for a striking touch. Complete your look by using natural twine to wrap your napkins up like presents.
    Photo from Bridal Musings
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Minimal Showcase

    For a minimal but enchanting decoration at your winter wedding, utilize simple glass pieces, sprigs of green, and deeply hued candles. First, lay a white tablecloth atop you reception table. Next, place several tall pedestal cylinder glass vases down the middle of your table, and partially fill each of them with water. Drop a single sprig of preserved cedar in each vase to add a pop of color to your display. For a stark finish to your decoration, place a black votive candle in between each vase.
    Photo from Mod Wedding
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Glorious Globes

    Create a grand display at your holiday-themed reception with this twinkling arrangement. For this winter wedding idea, start by placing two or three glass trumpet vases on your gift table. Next, fill each vase with metallic and glass globe ornaments to bring wintery cheer to your tabletop decoration. Next, fashion a voluminous bouquet of preserved ivory roses, and secure it in an ornate mercury glass vase. This glamorous look is perfect for your elegant winter wedding reception. Mod Wedding
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas
  • Pinecone Place Cards

    Bring a chilly, frosted theme to your winter wedding decorations with pinecone place cards. This arrangement is easy to recreate. To start, cover medium size pinecones with in Tacky Glue, and while they are still wet, sprinkle fake snow and mica flakes on their surface. Wait for the cones to dry, and then place them atop tiny wood circle slices to add rustic flair to your decoration. Arrange the cones on your guests’ dinner plates, and secure their name card in the scales of the cones. Bridal Musings
    Top 7 Winter Wedding Ideas

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