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DIY  Making Flower Rose Balls - Click to enlargeDIY Making Flower Rose Balls
DIY  Making Flower Rose Balls

Rose Ball Bouquet - Favor - Decoration-

Use these wonderful rose balls for decorating, as bouquets or favors. Easy and inexpensive to make. Try using dahlias or carnations for a different look.  The trick is get the flowers as close together as possible when you are placing them into the ball. Use fresh or silk flowers.   


Tools needed:

Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Directions for making with silk flowers:

Pull the roses off the stems or use a wire cutter to remove -leaving a 1/4" on each. Using a toothpick make a hole in the Styrofoam ball for each rose bud you are attaching. Then fill  with a dot of hot glue - place the rose in hole. Let dry. Continue adding roses until the ball is filled. 

You can insert a few leaves between the roses for added color.

Directions for fresh flowers
You will doing the same as above but instead of a Styrofoam ball use an Oasis foam ball for fresh flowers. Also instead of using hot glue to hold your flowers in place use greening pins instead. 

To make a handle

If you want to carry your rose ball you can easily make a handle. Use ribbons or jute. Measure desired length x 2 and add 3 inches for the knot. Tie into a loop (double knot). Hold in place with greening pin.  Then hot glue another greening pin over the top.  

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