Richland Vigil Candles White Set of 25

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(25) Richland® 12 Hour Vigil Candles

Best when used with Eastland® Candle Holders (not included)

Proudly Made in the USA

100% Cotton Wicks, Smokeless, and Clean Burning

Perfect for Weddings, Churches, Restaurants, and Events
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Richland Vigil Candles White

Our White Vigil Candles are the perfect utility candle for all occasions. Widely used for candlelight vigils, luminaries and Churches, the Vigil Candle is truely the all purpose natural light source. You'll want to keep plenty on hand for emergency use during power outages.

  • Dimensions: 1.125"(W) x 4.25"(H)
  • Burn time: 12 hours

Which Candle Should I Choose?

Small Candles to Choose From:

Our small candles range in many different styles from tealight to votive. These Richland candles have amazing burn times and are perfect for your home or next event.

Clear Cup Tealight
1.5" x .5"
Standard Burn Tealight
1.5" x .5"
Extended Burn Tealight
1.5" x .75"
Votive Candle
1.5" x 1.5"
2" Floating Candle
2" x 1"
3" Floating Candle
3" x 1.375"
Sphere Candle
3" x 3"
Burn Time:
3-4 hours
Burn Time:
5 hours
Burn Time:
7 hours
Burn Time:
10 hours
Burn Time:
4-5 hours
Burn Time:
8-10 hours
Burn Time:
20-24 hours

Large Candles to Choose From:

Our large candles range in many different styles from tapers to pillars. These Richland candles are high quality candles that will leave you looking for any excuse to use them.

Vigil Candle
1.125" x 4.25"
10" Taper Candle
.75" x 10"
12" Taper Candle
.75" x 10"
3" Pillar Candle
3" x 3"
6" Pillar Candle
3" x 6"
9" Pillar Candle
3" x 9"
12" Pillar Candle
3" x 12"
Burn Time:
12-16 hours
Burn Time:
6 hours
Burn Time:
8 hours
Burn Time:
30-40 hours
Burn Time:
60-80 hours
Burn Time:
90-100 hours
Burn Time:
120 hours
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Richland
Height 4.25"
Width 1.125"
Color White
Scent Unscented
Burn Time 12 Hour
Wax Type Paraffin Wax
Country of Manufacture United States