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Natural Triticum Wheat Bundle 34" Preserved

These natural blond Triticum Wheat Stalks are great to use in bouquets, centerpieces and floral arrangements. This is a bundle of real wheat that has been washed and preserved to maintains its beautiful golden yellow color and eye-catching texture. The bundle comes tied for a ready-to-use look - just place in your favorite farmhouse style jar, vase, or bucket. Or, use the individual stalks to accent fall theme floral arrangements and rustic corsages and boutonnieres. Perfect for autumn weddings or events; and farmhouse style home decor!

(1) Triticum Wheat Bundle included. It is 34" tall and about 8" wide. As this is a natural product, each bundle varies just as in nature. On average, the one pound bundle will contain anywhere between 130-150 stalks. Grown in the USA!