SKU: 60771616517_01

Super Bright 40 LED Light Base, 6 1/4" Diameter, 1" Height, Multi-Color Black Body

The Super Bright 6' LED Light Base has 40 LEDs - 10 LED lights in each color, red, blue, green and white. There are many color combinations that will continually change slowly or it can be stopped on many color combinations with one sure to enhance your design. Batteries will last 10+ hours. Be creative and light-up anything including vases or those special bottles on the back of your bar. It can also be used to illuminate small diameter cylinders or cubes. This base includes a clear acrylic cover to provide a continuous solid surface for your object to rest on. Use for smaller cylinders, cubes and props. Uses 4 X AA batteries and will accept a 6V DC adapter plug. Both sold separately.