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Sola Flowers Juhi Flowers 2.25in (Pack of 12)

Add a beautiful cream white accent with these exquisite handmade sola flowers, carved from tapioca wood . They come in a pack of 12. They can easily be threaded and strung to make garlands or used in gift wrapping, to decorate bouquets, table numbers, grapevine napkin rings, and more. Each flower is 2-1/4" wide and 1" thick.Handmade flowers that are made from tapioca wood peel. It is a soft wood so you can easily string them together with a needle to make natural garlands for decoration. Sola wood- is an entirely natural product derived from the tapioca plant. Make into bouquets, table number holders, decorations. Make an everlasting bouquet in minutes with a floral bouquet holder and 2in corsage pins. Just put the corsage pin through the middle of flower! Wrap the handle of the bouquet holder in ribbon.