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Richland Stainless Steel Revere Lantern – Large

Richland Stainless Steel Revere Lantern – Large 

A Stately Stainless Lantern! This large lantern easily makes a big statement! With a durable thick handle, hinged door, clear glass panels, and the perfect spot to showcase candle light all combine for a winning combination! Pair this size with the small and medium to create a set that is the perfect welcome for guests (other sizes sold separately). Our Richland 4"x9" pillar candles are the perfect fit inside the lantern; but the 4"x6" and 3"x9" sizes are also popular choices for this lantern. Whether home or event use is your choice, you can’t go wrong!

Simple Assembly Required

Dimensions: 7"(W) x 26.5"(H)

Lantern tops can become quite hot while burning a candle inside. Please use precaution when handling them while a flame is inside or just after.