SKU: 9745_01

Eastland Ribbed Silver Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holder 7"


Eastland 7" Ribbed Silver Mercury Pillar Candle Holder

Looking for a stunning way to showcase your Pillar candles? This beautiful ribbed silver glass holder is perfect. Ribbed from bottom to top and complete with a lip to secure the candle in place. The light will bounce off the ribbed sides in all directions making a lovely statement look! This holder will easily fit into the home or event design. Spruce up your space by adding this gorgeous silver glass holder. Also individually available in 10” and 8.5” as well as sold in a set of 3.

3” Pillar candles fit perfectly into the top of this holder.

Each product is handmade glass which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Slight variations may occur with handmade products.

  • Dimensions: 4.25" (W-Base) 4.25" (W-Top) 7" (H)
  • Also available in 10", 8.5" or a set of 3!