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Carraway Pedestal Dish 4.25" Gold

This stunning oval-shaped Gold Carraway Dish is coated on the inside with a translucent, reflective mercury-look coating; and a light gold mercury dappled finish on the outside. For an enchanting display, place outside or near a windowsill to create twinkling light. Add flowers for a delicate, yet dignified setting. Use as a pedestal for small candles. This small glass compote features a lovely scalloped opening and hobnail detailing at the base.  

Dimensions:  The dish measures 4.25" tall, 7.5" long, and 5.5" wide, and the beaded base is 3.5" across.

Note:  Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent soap safe. If using with fresh florals, lay the flowers on the top or use floral foam/pin frogs (not included).