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10 Lotka Handmade Paper Seeded Envelopes

These handmade lotka paper envelopes are a light weight stock in a neutral tone to blend well with Of The Earth papers and our Lotka paper sheets. The best part is that they contain our flower seed blend and will sprout flowers if planted. The Natural Seeded Envelopes have an organic look and feel, and will compliment simply wrapped gifts or homemade cards. These acid free pieces are embedded with seeds that can be planted to produce flowers and herbs. These seeds include red corn poppy, corn poppy, spurred snapdragon, catchfly, English daisy, Showy evening primrose, gold yarrow, Roman chamomile, Tussock Bellflower, Foxglove, Frenged Sagewort, White Yarrow, Red Yarrow, Monkeyflower and Creeping Thyme. They will need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight, and need to be covered in 1/8" of soil when planted. Pack of 10. Each is 5.5" tall x 7.5" wide.