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Creative Containers for your Flower Arrangements - Making moss covered potsCreative Containers for your Flower Arrangements - Making moss covered pots

    How to cover a pot with natural moss

    A moss covered pot makes a great base for decorating.

    Use a hot glue gun or spray adhesive to secure sheets of green sheet moss to the outside of pots.

    • Spray a generous coat of adhesive on the sides .
    • Then roll the sheet moss around the container, and cut off the excess.
    • Now take several rubber bands and place them over the moss until it dries. Keep your pots in the shade and be sure to mist once in a while.

    If you like the soft, weathered look of moss-covered pots but don’t feel like leaving the process to the whims of nature, try this trick. Search cool, shady spots for moss and gather two or three cups. Put equal parts moss and buttermilk in your blender and mix it up to make a moss milkshake. Paint the moss solution onto any porous, unglazed masonry pot or planter. Place the pot in a shady spot and keep it moist by misting once or twice a day. Depending on the temperature and humidity, you’ll start to see moss growing in a month or two. You don’t have to wait to add a shade-loving plant to the pot.

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