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Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas


Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas

Tropical shorelines capture our imagination and exude incredible romance; no wonder Hawaiian beaches are one of the most popular wedding destinations. Whether you are planning the perfect, exotic wedding getaway, or trying to bring some tropical flavor to your next party, these Luau-themed party ideas will bring Hawaiian flair to your big event.

  • Tower of Flowers

    Add a tantalizing, tropical touch to your tiered dessert tray with a bit of fringe and a few flowers. This Luau party idea will bring a cheerful look to your dessert or snack table. To recreate this florid tray, select a tiered dessert stand with lipped edges. Next, use Uglu strips or hot glue to attach fringed palm leaves to the edges of each tier. Finally, attach different shades of preserved orchid blossoms to the burlap ribbon to finish off your tropical tower. For a fresh arrangement, layer fruit on each tier.
    Photo via DIY Crafty Projects
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Bamboo Beauty

    With simple, organic beauty, this wooded focal point is the perfect addition to your tropical wedding or party. For this luau party decoration, begin with a bamboo serving tray as your foundation. Next, partially fill a few bamboo cylinder vases with sand, so a small candle can sit on top. Select small candles or fuel cells to place in your makeshift candleholders, which you can then arrange on your bamboo tray. Garnish your wooded centerpiece with artificial lily blossoms for an exotic finish.
    Photo via DIY Crafty Projects
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Sandy Bottom Bowls

    Emulate or enhance the look of a sandy, Hawaiian beach with these candle showcases. These fishbowl holders can be used as cocktail table centerpieces, snack table adornments, or lighting down your ceremony aisle. For this luau wedding decoration, start with bubble vases that have a similar look to small fish bowls. Pour coarse, seaside sand in each bowl. Secure a small white pillar or votive candle in the center of the sandy bottom. Next, nestle mixed seashells and starfish in each bowl to give it a wave-washed appearance.
    Photo via Happy Wedd
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Cascading Leis

    Add the perfect photo backdrop to your luau wedding decorations with the help of silk leis. For this exotic display, use fish wire to hang a relatively straight kuwa branch or bamboo pole from the ceiling. For an optimal photo background, sling this piece against a blank wall, and position the branch between 7-8 feet from the floor. Once your branch is in place, attach silk leis of different colors to your branch to create a florid curtain. Select leis that can be cut into garlands, and tied to other strands if they are not long enough. This display acts as both a photo backdrop and an eye-catching wall feature.
    Photo via Brit.co
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Tropical Table Runner

    Bring a tantalizingly tropical look to your Hawaiian wedding with a luscious tablescape. This luau wedding decoration incorporates the lush shades of the rainforest into your banquet centerpieces. For this look, lay artificial palm fronds down the center of your table, creating a vibrant green runner. Next, wrap waterproof Aspidistra Leaf ribbons around the inside of clear cylinder vases, and then fill the vases with light stones. Secure in each vase a palm frond, accented with bird of paradise flowers and exotic sola lily blossoms. Arrange these vases atop your leafy runner, and top your tablescape off with coral and shell accentss.
    Photo via The Smith Society
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Tiki Table

    Drenched in tropical cheer, this beverage table spread will bring a breezy, Hawaiian ambience to your luau wedding reception. Replicate this eco-friendly look with woven bamboo, thatch paneling, dried fronds, and colorful paper flowers. Hang a bamboo sheet behind your beverage table, either on a wall or fence, to create a wooded backdrop. Next, attach tiki thatch paneling to the edge of your table, giving it a grass skirt. Arrange a pink glass cake stand on the table, and stack fresh fruit atop. Complete your table spread with coconut shell cups and a twig vase filled with dried palm fronds. For a colorful finish, construct giant paper flowers (using this video) with vibrant filato paper, aluminum wire, and fiber sticks.
    Photo via Uncommon Designs
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas
  • Lush Sprays

    Bring the lush shades of an exotic jungle to your outdoor gathering with a cascading, floral centerpiece. This luau wedding decoration is perfect for a beachside reception, and will look stunning surrounded by fresh, tropical fruit. For this engaging vase display, first cover the table beneath with gauzy, burgundy organza, to give it an elegant foundation. Utilize a glass vase to hold your tropical spray, filling it partially with water. Next, arrange a few strands of preserved tall grass in the vase, followed by clusters of orchid sprays. Insert a handful of bright green, preserved palm fronds and a few artificial bird of paradise sprays into the mix for a splash of color. Complete this florid centerpiece by surrounding it with fresh fruit.
    Photo via Superb Cuisines
    Top 7 Luau & Tiki Party Ideas

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