Eastland Hanging Horizontal Ribbed Glass Jar Set


Do you like entertaining or just like sprucing up your space with new unique pieces?

Our Deal of the Week will have you cheering!

These hanging glass jars are for you then! The ease in using these jars is multiplied by the fun and festive ways you can use them.

We love to give you ways to incorporate products into your daily life or your event design! This product is a no-brainer! Whether you are using this outside or in, here are a few ways to complete your look!

First – why not add your favorite blooms right out of your yard to give the clear glass some color and come alive with the flowers of the season!

Second – simple and easy, add a little water and place floating candles inside! The height of the glass is such that your flame will be protected and offer a beautiful glow through the thick textured lines in the glass…simple with a stunning effect!

Third – we love anytime products can create a warm welcome for guests either at your home or an event! This product can be used with the varied heights and be placed on stairs en masse with an LED candle option for hassle free beauty! We love placing Fairy Lights inside which creates a twinkling effect!

The thick textured glass and sturdy silver braided handle all combine to make this product a true winner!





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