Iron Favor Bucket


How do you add little pops of color to your home or events?

Is it with flowers, table linens, candles? Our little favor buckets are so versatile and the perfect way to add just the right splash of color without over doing it!

We love to use these, of course, as favor buckets! Who doesn’t love to leave an event, party, or gathering with a little colorful surprise! Fill this bucket with a tasty treat and your guests will never forget!

If you entertain and are tired of the same old tired clear glass holders that are in your cabinets! Try lighting up your space by filling these cool and colorful buckets with votive or tealight candles! You will be delighted as the candle glow bounces out of the bright colors and casts the perfect ambiance! These are also perfect for outdoors when paired with our Citronella Votive Candles.

And who doesn’t LOVE flowers right out of your yard or the seasonal bursts you can get at the market? Think outside the flower vase and grab a bucket, fill with a little water, and just like that you have the perfect holder for flowers and even cute gifts for friends and neighbors!

Dimensions: 2"(H) x 2.5"(W)



$17.99 for 25