Did you know we have Coasters?

Coast right into the season where entertaining is in full swing and protect your tables by using coasters in different shapes and sizes!

Glass Coasters
Choosing a glass coaster lets the coaster disappear into the setting. The clear glass in round or square can easily be added to your tablescape without much ado.

Slate Coasters
Slate by nature is a porous surface that will easily absorb the condensation of drinking glasses and protect your tables. Not to mention, slate is such a great look to incorporate into a home!

Candle Coasters
A coaster just for candles! Not really, you can use these oversized coasters to house candles or anything you choose! These are perfect for some smaller pitchers! Thicker than the glass coasters with a little bigger size, these coasters will not only look great but protect the furniture.

Mirrored Coasters
Why not use a coaster that adds a beautiful twinkle to your table? Choosing mirrored coasters will add so much to your table while doing their job of making sure no rings are left on the furniture!

When entertaining, the last thing you want to worry about is having to worry about your furnishings! Coasters ensure you peace and will still let your setting look amazing!