Is there any shade quite as glamorous as gold? With its luxe sheen and textural variances, this flaxen hue makes for an elegant wedding color. Gold can be utilized for winter, spring, summer, or fall weddings; as a bold theme or a flourishing accent; or in classic or modern schemes. Explore a few examples of gold’s endless versatility in the ideas below.

  1. Blue Bottle Bliss

    Deep blue and gold will bring a classy touch to your wedding day. For this glorious gold wedding idea, start with several blue glass bottles of different sizes and shapes to utilize as vases. Next, partially fill them with water. Place a leafy, metallic gold spray in each of your bottles. Select different sprays to add a bit of textural variety. Complete your look by arranging a blue silk flower spray in each bottle for a romantic finish.
    Photo from Ruffled
    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  2. Beaming Bunting Banner

    Bunting banners are all the rage these days. For this golden wedding decoration, pair gilded banners with bunting banners of other designs. Start by hanging two or three gold bunting banners over your sweetheart table. Fashion them in such a way that they hang low and slightly off-center. Next, hang silver bunting banners in the same manner. Next, suspend a striped banner and a spotted banner to add a splash of texture.
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    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  3. Golden Globes

    Perfect for your holiday bridal reception, this gilded wedding idea is simple, elegant, and will bring warm glow to your big day. Recreate this stunning decoration with clear glass table settings, and metallic and glittering holiday tree ornaments. First, select a clear glass cake stand as the crystalline foundation for your centerpiece. Next, stack ornaments atop your glass pedestal for an enchanting completion. Incorporate striking illumination into your display by scattering votive candles in mercury holders around the base of the cake stand.
    Photo from Modwedding
    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  4. Flask Gold

    Cluster gilded jars and bottles for a chic apothecary-esque look at your lovely, fall reception. Emulate this golden wedding idea by a few, short glass bottles to hold baby’s breath branches and vibrant, leafy sprays. Choose several tall gold dipped bottles to add depth and dimension to add to your bottle display. This earthy arrangement will add stunning detail to your gift table, beverage table, or sweetheart table.
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    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  5. Flaxen Flowers

    For a pop of glamor at your elegant spring wedding put gleaming floral place card holders to work. Create this gold wedding idea by choosing a variety of sola flower blossoms to glaze. Start with sola zinniassola rose buds, and sola carnations to bring texture to your décor. Next, use gold spray paint to glaze each flower with metallic beauty. As the paint is drying, sprinkle gold dust over each blossom for a striking finish. Once the flowers are dry, place ivory name cards among their petals, and place them at each guest setting. Incorporate spring-themed, pastel hues by scattering preserved pink rose heads along your banquet table.
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    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  6. Flower Power

    Simple, cheerful, and chic: This golden wedding decoration is perfect for your sunny, summer reception. This arrangement will beckon guests to converse around the cocktail table it sits on. Recreate this look by enlisting gold honeycomb cylinder vases of different sizes. Partially fill each vase with water, and place a pinkpeach, or fuchsia peony sprays that have been cut to size in each. This charming look will elevate your sunburst wedding décor.
    Photo from Southern Weddings
    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold

  7. Table Runner Glam

    Add a Gatsby-like ambience to your reception with a sparkling runner and crisp, white flowers. Mimic this dazzling display by laying a glitter gold runner atop your long banquet table. Arrange golden candlesticks holding ivory taper candles on the runner to bring vintage flair to the look. Next, complete this luxurious spread by filling a mercury glass vase with crisp, white hydrangeas and place it in the center of your table. Pair this table with twinkling stringed lights to bring a magical atmosphere to your wedding.
    Photo from Happy Wedd
    Wedding Colors: Glow with Gold