Engineer your big day to be as mystical and magical as your relationship. Invite friends and family into the depths of your soul by pouring it out in your one-of-a-kind decorations and thematic elements. Whether you want a bright pop of color or texture, or a slight and understated focal point, these ideas will bring unique detail to your wedding.

  • Sparkle Pop

    Glam up your big day with a sparkling pop of color. For this unique wedding idea, you will need pastel and jewel toned balloons, glue, and golden glitter. Start by blowing up white, sea foam green, red, yellow, pink, and black balloons with helium. Secure each balloon to a thin, satin ribbon for a luxurious touch. Next, use a paintbrush to slather Mod Podge or craft glue on the bottom of each balloon. Immediately following their glue bath, roll each balloon in coarse gold glitter to add sumptuous sheen and texture to your balloons. Allow the sparkling pops to dry before hanging them outside.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Seaside in a Cup

    Add nautical, textural interest to your reception tables with ocean-themed vignettes. For this unique wedding decoration, select a simple, clear glass cylinder vase to display your nautical diorama. Partially fill the vase with sand, and secure an ivory votive candle in it. Add coral, star fish, shells and pieces of driftwood for a lovely centerpiece.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Fruit 2.0

    Bring a unique twist to your fruit display by incorporating luscious succulents and sprigs in with your harvested globes. First, choose a luxe pedestal bowl to showcase your real or faux fruits. Next, fill the bowl with oranges, lemons, pomegranates and apples for a surprising detail. Place several small faux succulent blossoms among the fruit. Complete your look by cutting small stems of leafy greenery and securing them in your decoration.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Donut Delicacies

    Swap out your wedding cake for this sweet and quirky dessert. This unique wedding idea is sure to be the talk of your reception. Who doesn’t like donuts? Create a modern donut bar for guests to snack on during the festivities. For this look, pick a large blackboard easel to prop up on your dessert table. Use a chalk marker to write the words, “Donut Bar” along the top. Next, tower varieties of donuts on several pedestal cake standson the table. Complete this merry look with a paper tassel garland.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Dreamy Drapes

    Engineer an unforgettable moment at your big day with this quixotic curtain. For this unique wedding look, suspend two acrylic crystal curtainsfrom your wedding arch. Next, use white and gold ribbon to tie bows around the curtains to create space between them. Add the finishing touch by hanging a luxurious, white chandelier in the middle of the curtains. This one-of-a-kind decoration is perfect for your dreamy wedding ceremony.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Rustic Refresh

    For your laid-back nuptials, put to work this cheerful decoration. For this unique wedding decoration, all you need are mason jars and a galvanized metal tub. Start by filling your beverage tub with ice to keep your homemade drinks cool. Fill large and medium-sized mason jars with lemonade, iced tea, or even cocktails and nestle them among the ice. This easy decoration is perfect for your outdoor reception.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Magic Terrarium

    Craft a magnificent centerpiece for your magical day. This unique wedding centerpiece will bring a captivating detail to your sweetheart table. Emulate this look by utilizing a large tree slice as your foundation. Place a floral foam brick in the center of the wood slice, and cover it with preserved moss. Next, choose several leafy stems and orchid sprays to secure into the floral foam to bring a dash of color. Place a large clocheover the top of the floral arrangement for a finishing touch.
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    Top 7 Unique Wedding Ideas