Incorporate the romanticism of vintage modes of transportation, colorful maps, and earthy textures into your travel-themed party for a fun and festive atmosphere.

Travel-inspired decorations are perfect for an array of gatherings—birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings, or dinner parties. Here are a handful of ideas to add a charming, global touch to your décor.

  1. Paris, Je T’aime

    As one of the most sought out destinations in the world, no travel-themed party décor would be complete without paying homage to the City of Lights. For this classic vignette, hang a vintage map of Paris on the wall above your entryway table or sideboard. Place a few antique books or book boxes on the tabletop, and arrange globes on the stacked books. Add a few standing Place Card Holders between the globe-topped books to bring a romantic touch to your arrangement. Finally, suspend battery operated fairy lights in front of the vintage map for a sparkling finish.
    Photo via Hazel and Ruby.
    Travel Party Ideas

  2. Uncharted Territory

    This charming look is perfect for your travel –inspired wedding centerpieces. Mixing vintage and shabby chic, these vases will stir wanderlust in your guests. For this decoration, wrap a glass bottle in colorful yarn or bakers twine. Next, put to utilize a mason jar at your second vase. Use tacky glue to glue and seal your favorite traveling map to the outside. Once the vases are dry, fill the bottle with natural touch flower stems, and the map-clad jar with preserved hydrangeas.
    Photo via Trendy Bride.
    Travel Party Ideas

  3. Fly Away with Me

    This balloon decoration will strike wonder and excitement in the hearts of the kiddos at your child’s birthday party. These hot air balloons will compliment both travel and Up themed party décor, and bring pleasant detail to outdoor surroundings. This decoration works best when anchored securely from tree branches or a porch awning. For this adventurous display, suspend robins egg blue, pink, purple, and yellow paper lanterns in a row, and tie for strands of ribbon from each side. Attach the ends of the ribbons to each side of a small woodchip or lace basket, forming your very own hot air balloons to be enjoyed by all. For an interesting touch, place battery operated and remote controlled paper lantern lights within each lantern to be turned on in the evening.
    Photo via Love This Crazy Life.
    Travel Party Ideas

  4. Paper Bouquet

    If you have a myriad of postcards you or loved ones have accumulated, this travel party decoration is just for you! Show off your favorite postcards as a bouquet on your card or guestbook table at your wedding ceremony. Use a wood planter boxfloral foam, in which you can secure your bouquet “stems”. Then, cover the foam with preserved moss to add dimension to your display. Next, attach your postcards and tags to floral stem wire, cut to different lengths to create a colorful array of you photos and cards. Arrange your postcards in the foam filled box for a fun and original display.
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    Travel Party Ideas

  5. Into the Unknown

    This banner will compliment a travel-themed bridal shower or bachelorette party. The simple decoration can be strung across a wall, a fence, or between two trees in a garden or yard. For this fun display, begin with colorful hemp cording as the foundation for your garland. Paint or use press on letters to write “Traveling from Miss to Mrs.” on linen or burlap pennants. Use clothespins to hang these pennants from the cord, creating your lovely banner for the adventurous bride-to-be.
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    Travel Party Ideas

  6. Country Hopping

    Add interesting detail to your reception dinner tables with country-themed centerpieces. For this romantic, travel-inspired centerpiece decoration, incorporate elegant fixtures to bring the beauty of Italy to your wedding. This display is easy to recreate, beginning with a round centerpiece mirror as your sleek base. Arrange a tall, slender glass vase in the middle of the saucer and fill with clear vase gems, giving it a bubbling effect. Place a capacious red or white blossom on top of the effervescent vase. Next, scatter tealight candles in glass holders on the mirror, and utilize a decorative white metal lantern to bring a soft, glowing light to your decoration. Finally, prop a vintage postcard from Italy on the central vase, completing your classic centerpiece.
    Photo via the Wedding Scoop.
    Travel Party Ideas

  7. Time For Travel

    Mixing vintage and wanderlust inspirations, this display will add to your travel-themed party décor. Recreate this decoration on an empty shelf or mantle in your home. Start with lux, vintage suitcases and traveling cases as a striking base for your display. Next arrange antique table clocks of different sizes and shapes on and around the cases. Finish off the look by placing a couple glass bottle vases filled with single peony stems to give the display vibrancy and freshness.
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    Travel Party Ideas

  8. Card Case

    Your wedding is the beginning of the greatest journey of your life, so add a travel-themed look to your shabby chic decorations. This suitcase cardholder is easy to replicate with a lovely, vintage looking trunks and suitcases. Keep the lid of the trunk open, and tie a strand of twine from one end of the inside of the lid to the other. Next, attach a “cards” sign to the middle of the strand, so guests will know where to place their small gifts. Place a piece of burlap in the bottom of the trunk to give it a touch of natural texture.
    Photo via Happy Wedd.
    Travel Party Ideas