How to make Cone Pew Markers.

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Materials (click on image above to enlarge)

STYROFOAM® cone* 12″ or a cardboard cone
LOMEY® Pew Holder Large
Hot Melt Glue
Fabric and ribbon in your choice of complementary colors
Pearl-Head Pins
Floral wire or Hyacinth Stakes  (sticks)

Flowers & Foliage (preserved, freeze dried, silk and natural touch flowers)
White Lilies
White Roses
Pink Tulips
Pink Hydrangea
Trailing Ivy

Tools you will need …
wire cutters

How to put it together

1. Wrap a 12″ STYROFOAM* cone with fabric cut to size and secure edges with pins.

Cone Pew Markers

2. Starting at the top, wrap the cone with ribbon, braiding in the front and pin with a pearl-head straight pin.

Cone Pew Markers

3 .For Fresh Flowers: Soak the LOMEY* Large Pew Holder until foam is completely saturated (about one minute) and add fresh flowers.

For silks or dried flowers do not soak foam.

Cone Pew Markers

4.  Attach the Pew Holder to the Cone with floral wire or hyacinth stakes (12″ wooden green stakes) secured with Hot Melt Glue.

Cone Pew Markers

5. This pew marker, made with a fabric-wrapped STYROFOAM® cone topped with lovely flowers makes a dramatic statement.

Cone Pew Markers

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