Enjoy the outdoor wedding of your dreams under the warm, summer sun. For an effortless, breezy ceremony and reception, you can put together simple and thoughtful decorations to highlight your happiness and joy, and complement the cheerful, seasonal weather.

  1. Lemon Fresh

    This zesty, rustic look will bring country charm to your outdoor ceremony. This enticing wedding idea will aesthetically guide guests in your outdoor space. Create this cheerful decoration with a sturdy, galvanized pail. Fill the bucket with small stones or sand to stabilize your sign. Select a chalkboard arrow sign and write “Wedding” on the arrow using white chalk or a chalkboard marker. Stake your sign in the bucket, and fill the bucket with fresh lemons to complete your cheerful, outdoor display.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  2. Laid Back Lanterns

    These simple, DIY jar lanterns will bring soft, safe lighting to your twilight reception. For this easy, outdoor wedding look, start with vintage-looking pint mason jars. Place battery operated tealights on the inside lid of each jar, and screw in on upside down so the light sits in the lid. Finish these creative lanterns by tying twine ribbons around the lids. These lamps will looks lovely on a linear tablescape or clustered on your gift table.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  3. Just Peachy

    Incorporate the lush colors of spring and summer into your country-chic wedding. This playful outdoor wedding decoration is not only eye-catchingly beautiful, but also functional, as it will show guests where to sit. For this peachy presentation, use wooden plates as your foundation. Use a peachy-colored paint and glossy finish to envelope the plates in warm color. Next, place one or two silk leaves (cut from a garland) under each plate, and use chalk markers to print your guests’ names on a leaf to add a personalized touch. Finish off this orchard-inspired look with a bouquet of white roses.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  4. Summer Sand

    For a soft, beachy component at your sun-drenched wedding, incorporate sand-filled vases and floral accents. For this wedding decoration, start with clear cylinder vases with soft, clean lines for a sleek foundation. Fill each vase half way with light, decorative sand to add some tropical texture. Finally, place a silk peony blossom atop the sand in each vase. You can utilize this sandy fixture as a centerpiece at your summer reception by surrounding it with ivory votive candles and tealights.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  5. Sweet Treat Sensations

    Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand, so bring the carefree ambience of the warmer season to your wedding with this summer wedding idea. An ice cream bar is the perfect way to bring a carefree feel to your reception, and satisfy your guests with a sweet treat. For this alternative wedding dessert spread, start with a tower of cones. Place a green or red burlap fabric square on your dessert table as a colorful base for your display. Next, arrange a tiered wire serving tray on the square, and line each shelf with doilies to add a bit more texture. Top off your look by layering sugar and waffle cones on each tier.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  6. Fresh Confetti

    For a fun addition to your wedding reception, let your guests see you and your new spouse off with colorful confetti. This wedding idea is perfect for outdoor receptions, as eco-friendly confetti is much better for the land and animals than rice or plastic. Recreate this display by starting with a plain wicker basket to contain your confetti holders. Next, fill paper cones with pinkblue, and white eco-friendly confetti for an exciting, eye-catching look. Position this colorful display by the exit of your reception area, so guests can take one on their way to see you off.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  7. Swoon-Worthy Sweetheart Table

    It’s difficult to squeeze an entire centerpiece onto your tiny sweetheart table, so use the front of your intimate table to display your lovely decorations. This outdoor wedding decoration will transition beautifully from afternoon to evening, as it utilizes the romantic lighting of dusk. Recreate this look by utilizing a natural linen tablecloth to bring a rustic yet refined look to your table. Next use wood letters “M,” “R,” and “S” to spell out MR & MRS before your place settings. You can leave the wood letters bare, or use white paint to give them a more finished look. Complete your romantic display by laying a thick bouquet of artificial peonies in the center of your table.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  8. Luscious Lemonade

    For a light, lush look for your drinks table, use striking glass beverage containers that will showcase the liquids they hold. This DIY wedding decoration is easy to assemble, and will go well with a shabby-chic, charming theme. Recreate this beverage table look by turning a vintage stamped wood crate upside down to use as a sturdy stand for your containers. Next, fill 2 or 3 apothecary jar or jug beverage servers with lemonade, water, or iced tea, and place them atop the crate. Label each container with a rustic wood sign or chalk board. Finally, finish off your glorious table with glass bottles filled with fresh wildflowers.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  9. Sunny Days

    Celebrate the emblazoned warmth of the sun with this vivid outdoor wedding decoration. This sunny tablescape is simple, cheery, and sure to incorporate the essence of the season to your reception. Emulate this simple look with faux sunflowers, mason jar vases, and burlap fabric. Start with a tablecloth made from unbleached muslin fabric for a pure, organic foundation. Next, use burlap to create rustic table squares. Place wide mouth mason jars filled partially with water atop each square, and arrange a few, bright sunflowers in each makeshift vase. Line these floral flourishes down your long, banquet tables.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  10. Glow to Go

    If you plan on dancing into the late night with your new honey, use glow sticks in place of sparklers so guests can send you off in the dark. Glow bracelets and necklaces are a safer alternative, and add a dash of color to your decorations. For this outdoor wedding idea, start with 16oz and quart sized mason jars to hold your sticks. Fill the smaller jars with assorted color glow bracelets, and the larger jars with glow necklaces. Add a bit of definition to the display by tying slender, black ribbon bows around the necks of each jar.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  11. Vivacious Vines

    With their rugged, tangled look, these floral globes will add a lovely texture to your grassy wedding ceremony. This outdoor wedding decoration is easy to compose with a few materials. First, stake stately black shepherd hooks along each side of your ceremony aisle. Loop luxurious, black velvet ribbon through angel vine globes, and tie them to the hooks. Complete this organic look by using Uglu dashes to attach small sola blossoms to your globes.
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    Outdoor Wedding Ideas