You may not be able to have your quixotic Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard wedding, but you can have the mystique and style of a perfect, seaside ceremony with these 9 decorations and arrangements. Get inspired by the navy stripes, rope knots, and seashells!

  1. Beach Trinkets

    Bring an effortless look to your nautical wedding décor with this vase display. This decoration looks as if you strolled down a tranquil shoreline, gathering sea-worn sticks and wild flower sprigs. Recreate this organic arrangement by placing a large clear glass vase in the middle of a round or square table. Next, scatter small gray pebbles around the base of the vase, giving it a nature-fresh appearance. Fill the vase with clusters of smooth driftwood twigs, and garnish the wood with slender floral sprays and stems. Complete this centerpiece by layering a few gnarled pieces of driftwood on the pebble foundation.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  2. Come Sail Away

    Add this ship-shape ornament to your beachy wedding for a dreamy touch. This nautical wedding decoration idea is easy to replicate, and will wonderfully fit with any variation of a sea-themed wedding. Fashion this decoration by suspending a wooden ship wheel from a wall or fence. Next, wrap a silk peony bouquet and feathery fern branches in wide linen ribbon. Loosely coil lace ribbon over the linen, and use it to attach the bouquet to the steering wheel. This sea worthy floral decoration will be a romantic addition to your ceremony or reception.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  3. Jute Globes

    Perfect for marine-themed tablescapes, these twine-filled ornaments will cheerfully garnish your coastal wedding. With their organic look and simple appeal, these globes can be used to decorate various aspects of your big day. Replicate this nautical wedding décor idea by utilizing clear ball ornaments as the showcase for your natural materials. Next, loosely coil light and dark jute twine, and rope into tiny balls, and push them into different globe ornaments. Cluster these textured globes on your beachy tablescape, or string on twine to create an eye-catching garland.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  4. Seashell Centerpiece

    Incorporate the dazzling colors and textures of the New England shoreline with a carefully curated centerpiece. Bring this nautical party idea to your wedding reception tables with this crafty shell arrangement. Emulate this enchanting look by placing a tiered dessert stand atop a natural jute table runner. Arrange one or two ivory candles around this lovely piece, and fill the trays with crushed seashells, preserved starfish and a mix of shells.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  5. Bright White

    Get crafty with your candlesticks and add soft, beachy flair to your seaside wedding. This linear look is the perfect for long banquet tables. Use this clever nautical wedding idea to garnish your special day. For this decoration, start with clean, empty glass bottles. They can vary slightly in size and shape to add a bit of interest. Next, paint each bottle with white flat finish acrylic paint, giving them a matte appearance. Next, wrap hemp cording around the bodies of several bottles, using hot glue to keep it in place. Fill each bottle with white or ivory taper candles. Lastly, line the bottles up, and sprinkle sand around their bases, as if they were secured in a sandy dune.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  6. Cottage Charm

    With its quaint, cottage-esque appeal, this look will harmonize with charming, Nantucket-themed decorations. Create this simple look at your nautical wedding by utilizing navy blue, crisp white, and natural textures. Start by laying a runner down the middle of a square, rectangular, or round table. Next, fill a white metal lantern with a pillar candle, and it in the center of your table runner. Add floral interest to your display by filling two mason jars with water and silk hydrangea sprays that have been cut to size. This fresh, clean display will brighten its surroundings.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  7. Apothecary Aquarium

    Showcase your treasured tropical vacation finds and sea-themed ornaments with apothecary jars. This marine wedding decoration idea is easy to assemble, and emulates the fascinating look of a museum or aquarium display. Fashion this decoration by utilizing apothecary jars of different sizes. Fill a tall and slender jar with a long, finger coral . Layer crushed glass in a smaller jar to bring a glamorous, sand-like texture to your display. Fill other apothecary jars with mixed and mini conch shells. Arrange these treasure-filled containers on the gift or beverage table at your nautical wedding.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  8. Message in a Bottle

    Add a historical and romantic thematic element to your wedding reception tables with the message in a bottle table numbers. This nautical wedding decoration idea is easy to replicate, and will add an eye-catching detail to your centerpieces. For this look, use tall, teardrop bottles to hold your numbers. Begin by wrapping natural twine around the neck of each bottle and tying it off. Next, layer sand in the bottle of each bottle for a beachy touch. Create your table numbers by using burlap fabric squares or paper, to paint or write the table numbers on each. Top off your look by loosely rolling the numbers into your bottle, creating the message in the bottle look.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas

  9. Caribbean Candles

    For a tropical twist to your nautical wedding decorations, utilize exotic shells, sand, water, and glass. For this Caribbean look, start with clear cylinder vases to showcase the beauty of the ocean floor. Fill the bottom of each vase with a thin layer of sparkling sand, followed by a layer of crushed shells for added texture. Next, layer mixed tropical shells in the vases, and fill the rest with water. Complete your display by placing a white floating candle in each vase.
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    Nautical Wedding Ideas