Few containers are more versatile or more beloved than the Mason jar. Whether you want to store leftovers, showcase flowers, or add some light to your home, these jars have a reputation for getting the job done. We’ve put together five ideas for your Mason jars that should keep them stylishly occupied year-round!

  1. Dig in

    The most logical thing to do with a Mason jar is likely to fill it with something delicious. Make your favorite recipes and serve them in jars at your next event. Send them home with friends and family as favors. Indulge your sweet tooth by packing s’mores, parfaits, or fruit crumble into these jars. If you decide you want to save some for later, they’re also perfect for storing in the refrigerator.
    Photo from Cookies and Cups.
    Top 5 Mason Jar Ideas

  2. Take Center Stage

    Mason jars make wonderfully simple centerpiece containers. One easy way to make your flowers a focal point is by placing them in these understated jars. Embellish them with a little burlap or colorful ribbon to go with your theme. Elevate them on wood slabsvintage cake stands, or line them up along a banquet table.
    Photo from Limefish Studio.
    Top 5 Mason Jar Ideas

  3. Do Someone a Favor

    Everyone needs to unwind now and then. Give the gift of relaxation by putting together this spa in a jar! Mix up your own brown sugar, peppermint, or lavender scrub, and then add some lip balm, lotion, and mani/pedi accessories. The jar keeps everything tidy and easy to access which your friends will appreciate more than once.
    Photo from The Gunny Sack.
    Top 5 Mason Jar Ideas

  4. Cook up Some Candles

    Mason jars are perfectly sized for holding your homemade candles. Fill these jars with your favorite colors and customize the outside with lace and burlap for a shabby-chic decoration. Display these on your mantle, bookshelves, coffee table—or if you’re feeling generous, hand some out to your friends and family.
    Photo from Town and Country Living.
    Top 5 Mason Jar Ideas

  5. Capture Some Light

    Here’s a fun project you can DIY with some of your extra Christmas lights! Make hangers for several wide mouth Mason jars using wireTop 5 Mason Jar Ideas