After you’ve celebrated your engagement, it’s time to start planning your wedding. The only problem: You have a small budget for your big day. While this may feel a bit limiting at first, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Less money can often make you more creative. You get to exercise your DIY skills and impress your friends and family with your ingenuity. If you’re ready to take on a few fun projects, where should you start?

Make Your Invitations

Your Guide to a DIY Wedding

Wedding invitations are sent a few months in advance, so you might feel like you have forever. That said, time flies when you’re planning. You’ll need to send out your invitations sooner than you think.

Check out these easy DIY invites to personalize your invitations and work some thematic elements into them.

1. Decorate With Rubber Stamps

There are tons of floral invitations available for browsing online, but they get expensive quickly. Don’t feel pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on a stack of cards.

Imitate the same floral design when you decorate with rubber stamps in the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding. A single stamp can create a gorgeous design that looks just like invitations from the store.

2. Cut out Linings

Brides sometimes order linings for their invitations to make them stand out from other cards in the mail. Instead of handing over extra cash, cut out paper linings yourself with paper from your local craft store.

Shop for the paper during a big sale, and you can save tons of money.

3. Pick a Lining Fabric

If you don’t want to deal with more paper, pick a lining fabric to go in the invitation envelopes instead. Make sure you choose something thin that matches the colors or theme you’ll use in your wedding.

Create Personalized Favors

Your Guide to a DIY Wedding

Your guests want to go to your wedding because they love you and want to celebrate your marriage. Beautiful favors they can take home will allow them to look back fondly on your special day for years to come.

Think about creating these personalized wedding favors that all your guests will enjoy.

1. Make Wooden Coasters

There’s nothing worse than spending money on wedding favors your guests will throw away once they’re home. Give them something they’ll use with homemade wooden coasters.

Paint them with your wedding theme or leave them plain and polished. Guests will love using them to remember your wedding for years to come.

2. Prep Hot Cocoa Jars

Most people love a nice mug of hot cocoa, so it’s a perfect favor at a fall or winter wedding. Prep hot cocoa jars by spooning the mix and some marshmallows into a mason jar and finish with a ribbon or string decoration.

You can also make dairy-free hot cocoa mix for those who can’t tolerate milk.

3. Bake Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If you love to bake, make chocolate covered pretzels for your guests. It only takes a few minutes to melt the chocolate and dip the pretzels in.

Have fun decorating them with sprinkles, crushed peanuts or anything else you think they’d love.

Design Stylish Centerpieces

Your Guide to a DIY Wedding

When your guests sit at the reception tables, there should be some kind of decoration that acts as the centerpiece. Brides often feel like their only option for centerpieces are giant expensive flower arrangements, but that’s not true.

See if any of these DIY centerpieces would work at your wedding.

1. Turn Wine Glasses Upside-Down

Do you and your friends have a collection of wine glasses? Ask everyone helping you with the wedding to loan you their glasses for your reception.

Turn them upside-down to create a candlestick centerpiece that will be different at every table.

2. Reinvent the Pizza Stone

When you think of your centerpieces, do you picture candles, plants or even picture frames? Make them all fit perfectly on your tables after you reinvent the pizza stone as the foundation of each centerpiece.

It gives each centerpiece item a lifted place of honor at the table, separating them from other table fixtures like silverware and napkins.

3. Borrow Vintage Books

Vintage wedding decor is a popular trend right now, so try borrowing some vintage books and combining them with greenery and other whimsical items for an eye-catching centerpiece.

If your friends and family don’t own any vintage books, shop at local thrift stores or farmer’s markets to find them for a few cents each.

Develop Your Theme

Your Guide to a DIY Wedding

It’s easier to decide on your invitations, favors and centerpieces once you’ve decided on the theme of your wedding. Once your theme guides your choice in how laid back, traditional or modern your wedding will be, you can make any of these projects to complete your wedding planning process.

After you’ve finished your projects, you can focus on anticipating your wedding and celebrating with loved ones!

Your Guide to a DIY Wedding