Whether you’re looking for a new front door accessory, or a unique gift for a friend, a decoration as long-standing as the wreath is a commendable choice. We’ve put together five wreaths you can do yourself using everyday materials for a display that is anything but ordinary.

  1. Channel the coastline

    You don’t need to live near the beach to craft this lovely seashell wreath. Take a Styrofoam wreath and turn your home into a seaside escape using an assortment of shells with starfish accents. If you have any shells left over, then you can also make a matching picture frame!
    Photo from Woman’s Day
    DIY Wreaths

  2. Get back to basics

    Make a wreath you can enjoy all year by using burlap. Attach sprigs of holly, colorful flowers, patterned ribbon, or fall leaves to suit the occasion. Decorate a wood letter to add a custom touch to your wreath and give as a gift to your friends and family.
    Photo from Becoming Martha
    DIY Wreaths

  3. Turn over a new leaf

    This unique birch bark wreath has a neutral composition that looks fantastic just about anywhere. Cut sheets of birch into leaves, hearts, or a variety of shapes to make a rustic, textured wreath for your front door. Make a smaller wreath and use as a centerpiece by placing an arrangement of candles in the center, or by using a birch bark vase filled with creamy white flowers.
    Photo from Country Living
    DIY Wreaths

  4. Go all natural

    Turn a grapevine wreath into a woodland work of art. Add natural fern accents, leaves, feathers, or wrap with ivy to craft an ornament that looks as though it simply grew that way. Suspend these wreaths from trees at an outdoor event, or use them as subtle embellishments throughout your home.
    Photo from Ruffled
    DIY Wreaths

  5. Cheer up

    Need something to do with your extra Christmas ornaments? Fashion them into a bubbly, festive decoration! Use a colorful assortment of baubles, or keep your color scheme monochromatic. Add ornaments with glitter detail for some extra sparkle.
    Photo from Better Homes and Gardens
    DIY Wreaths