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Author: Amanda Ullmann

How to assemble the Cupcake Tree

Step by Step – Assembly Assembly of our Cupcake Tree is easy and only takes about 5 minutes! See how to paint and decorate the tree before assembling. Step 1: Remove the instructions and all of the parts from the box to begin. Step 2: Line up the center slots on the two largest crosspieces (tab side up) and slide together. Step 3: Line up the slots on the largest disk with the tabs on the base crosspieces and press them into place. Step 4: Slide together the next largest crosspieces and press the tabs into the slots on...

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Contemporary Floral Design

The Art of Arranging Flowers Around the World   Part Two  Contemporary Trends in Floral Design Influences, which have helped, crystallize our present day aesthetics and preferences are the art forms of the past from all parts of the world. Great artists are visionaries. They stand upon the shoulders of the people and show us trends and choices that lie ahead. The people, who create beautiful things for their homes, gifts for others or to bring in income reflect the changing consciousness, values and feelings of civilizations. Schools of Japanese Flower Arranging Ikebana, the Japanese word for the art of...

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Western Elements in Floral Design

Elements of Design Light Bright lights illuminate the entire design; spotlights throw focus on a single aspect. Colored bulbs create a mood. Side lighting casts shadows on the opposite side of the light source; lights from above create shadows beneath. Experiment with the effects of various sources of light and play with light as an element in your design. Space Space is divided, penetrated and organized by the placement of horizontal and vertical lines. Even the space that is left empty, is an inherent part of the whole. Texture  Large, soft roses go well with small shapely leaves and lacy ferns....

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Using Focal, Filler & Line In Floral Design

Photo above from René’s Bouquets Line flowers stand tall and have many blossoms close to the stem. They are “showy” flowers like liatris, snap dragons, delphiniums, stock, gladiola and Canterbury bells. The line flowers are inserted both vertically and horizontally in the design first, to establish the direction and shape of the arrangement. Focal and filler flowers are added to add to the shape and feeling of the design. Photo above from René’s Bouquets Focal flowers, like roses, magnolias, hydrangeas and peonies are single stem, compact the flowers that command the attention of the viewer. They are placed close to the center...

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DIY: How to make ribbon roses

How to make Ribbon RosesRibbon roses are great to use in gift wrapping, to embellish hats, add to wedding bouquets and chair backs, or to your party favors. They can be used in home decorating, gift wrapping and they make pretty clothing accessories. Wrap the ruffles loosely for an open rose and tightly for a rose bud. 1. Gather the edge of 1-1/2″ yards of 2-1/2″ wide wired ribbon. 2. Glue one end of the ribbon to a floral stem wire and wrap the ruffle around to form a rose. 3. Using green floral tape, tape the end of the ribbon down the floral...

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