Have you ever felt that you were born several decades late? Would you choose jazz over hip-hop for ambiance? Do you drool over vintage dresses? If so, your next birthday party should be modeled after the glamorous styles of the Roaring Twenties.

With these simple DIY tips, you can transform your living room into a Deco dance hall and your kitchen into a speakeasy.

  • Trumpeting Triumph

    Cascading with vintage luxury, this classic vase arrangement will beckon in the glitz and glamor of the Great Gatsby Era. This Art Deco party decoration is so easy to create, and adds incredible dimension and texture to its surroundings. Elect a tall silver trumpet vase with antique details, as its design will catch the eyes of your guests. Fill this slender, fluted vase with ostrich feathers, fanning them out in pluming splendor. This voluminous vase will wonderfully accent your end table or wall shelf.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Silver and Glass

    Perfect for your fanciful dinner party, these sparkling ornaments will create a dreamy, vintage tablescape. Set the foundation with a crisp, white tablecloth and use a wide diamond mesh band as a dazzling table runner. Fill glass candleholders with white or ivory votive candles, and place them strategically along the runner. Finish this look by sprinkling clear vase gems along the center, giving it a jeweled, sparkling accent. This 1920s party table will set the mood for your sumptuous banquet.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Creative Candlesticks

    Display your flowers in a creative manner with tall candlesticks. These “vases” are perfect for mantels or banquet tables, as they will not obstruct eye level view. Fashion this Deco decoration by using golden candlesticks in different sizes, and place single preserved or sola rose buds in the holder, and cluster together in the center of your kitchen island or line across your mantel.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Enchanting Effervescence

    With the look of bubbling champagne, this decoration is sure to take your glamorous cocktail party to the next level. For this fanciful Art Deco Party decoration, simply utilize gold and silver pearl balloons. Attach them to white ribbon strips of different lengths, and hang them from your living room ceiling, giving it the appearance of rising bubbles.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Cool in Cobalt

    Rich colors and glass were very popular in the 1920s, so it only makes sense to incorporate both into your Art Deco party décor. This eye-catching arrangement is perfect for your entryway table or coffee table, and will bring an elegant ambience to your party. Select several cobalt blue bottles of different shapes and sizes and cluster them together. Fill these bottles with white feather flowers and white ostrich feathers.Photo from I Got My Party Shoes On.
    1920s Party Ideas

  • String of Pearls

    Bring the swing and swank of the Jazz Era to your Roaring Twenties themed mixer with this poignant decoration. This piece is dripping in elegance, and is the perfect centerpiece for a cocktail table. Utilized a round mirror as a base for your arrangement, and place a tall martini glassin the center. Pile in several faux pearl necklaces and pearl vase fillers to fill up the glass, and let a few strands hang over. Arrange vintage perfume containers and faceted glass bottles around the base of the martini glass, and you’ve got yourself a party.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Apothecary Arrangement

    Evoke sweet memories with an apothecary-inspired candy buffet. Give it a 1920s, speakeasy feel by arranging jars and vases filled with treats on a vintage bar cart at your party. Apothecary jars exude vintage charm, so select several of different shapes and sizes to showcase your candies. Next, choose candies to complete your vintage drugstore vignette: Jordan almonds are tasty and charming. Place a few candy scoops on the cart so guests can take sweets as they please.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Mesmerizing Mercury Glass

    Welcome the opulence of Gatsby’s infamous soirees into your swanky dinner party with a silver and gold tablescape. This dazzling Deco decoration can be completed with silver and gold mercury candleholders and vasesvotive candles, and white roses. Use mercury glass holders with different designs to add textural interest. Use a rose gold vase to display the flowers, and fill the holders with candles to set a classy ambiance.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Flapper Fan

    Complete your Roaring Twenties ensemble with a feathery fan. This colorful feather hand-held frond is the perfect addition to your flapper costume, or can even be hung on your living room wall for a Charleston dance-off party. Fashion this fan out of authentic peacock and black ostrich feathers, and wrap the stems with gold satin ribbon. To create a luxurious fan, cut the feathers at different lengths and spread them out before fastening them with the ribbon. Add a vintage touch by using a crystal brooch to decorate the ribbon-wrapped stems.
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    1920s Party Ideas

  • Classy Cardholder

    Organize your 1920s themed birthday or bridal shower cards in a charming container. Vintage birdcages bring a majestic appeal to their surroundings, and are perfect for holding small gifts, cards, or even flower vases at special events. Recreate this vintage party idea by utilizing a decorative birdcage, and garnishing its dome with a silk rose. And a “cards” sign on the front, letting guests know where to drop their gifts.
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    1920s Party Ideas