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DIY Make a Florentine Holiday Garland - Click to enlargeDIY Make a Florentine Holiday Garland
DIY Make a Florentine Holiday Garland

How to make a Florentine Holiday Evergreen Garland
  • 9' artificial pine garland
  • pinecones
  • berry garland or clusters
  • 10 stems of burgundy or red roses
  • 1-2 red poinsettia bushes (need 10 blooms)
  • ivy garland 
  • 4 stems of golden (or iridescent ) poinsettia  
  • Green florist wire


    Hot glue gun and glue sticks

    Wire cutters


    1. Take your pine garland and hot glue on your pine cones and berries at one foot intervals. Cut the rose stems to 3" and hot glue evenly in between pinecones.
    2. Cut red poinsettia bush into 3" stems and hot glue on either side of roses. Place iridescent and golden poinsettia every 2 feet on the garland
    3. Cut ivy garland into 2" pieces and hot glue on each side of poinsettias blooms.  
    4. Cut apart baby's breath sprays and hot glue around flowers, filling in empty spaces.

    Note:  The garland is flexible enough to accommodate any shape. To hang, place on nails positioned in the desired shape. You can also connect the ends with a floral wire -to make a impressive wall wreath.