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Natural Bark Covered 20" Cylinder Timber Vase

Bring the serenity of an untouched forest with this This Natural Bark Covered 20" Cylinder Timber Vase. This high quality piece features natural bark wrapped around an encased glass vase - perfect for outdoor, rustic, or garden themed special events and home decor!  Fill this tall timber vase with large bright floral arrangements for a beautiful wedding centerpiece. Use long branches and use as an accent to your living space, line a walkway to your special event, or frame a ceremony altar. Versatility and elegance - with natural flair!

This Timber Vase is 20 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide. The bark is natural and is 1/4 inch thick. A 20" frosted glass cylinder vase is inside the bark exterior. 


Note: This is a natural product. Each piece is unique and will have variations.