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Preserved Roses Red 2.5in (Pack of 6)

Serve sumptuous, alluring detail by incorporating these Preserved Roses in Red at your formal event or traditional wedding. These exceptional quality roses are real rose heads that have been preserved to maintain their pliability, and dyed to provide vivid color. This process allows the roses to be lovely forever! Attach to stem wire to make a bouquet or incorporate into centerpieces. Place several amongst candle holders as table accents. Fashion DIY boutonnieres and corsages. These beautiful rose heads will bring a sumptuous, eye-catching appeal to any setting.

(6) Rose Heads included. Each is approximately 2.5 inches wide.

Preserved with a glycerine based solution, together with natural food dyes. The preservation process stabilizes the color and leaves them looking and feeling, as fresh as the day they were picked. Preserved roses are ideal for decoration- do not put on white icing for the dyes will bleed. Place a piece of plastic under each to prevent the dyes from bleeding.