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Richland Mercury Tri Candelabra

Richland Mercury Tri Candelabra

A lovely addition to our Taper Candle Holder collection is this fabulous mercury base tri candelabra! The gorgeous attention to detail in the shape and texture of this hand blown glass as well as the dappled reflective mercury finish will enhance any setting. This candelabra holds three taper candles in delicate glass for the perfect elevated glow. Create an elegant and sophisticated look for your home or event with this unique holder. Perfect for Weddings and Events, and of course in your own home! 

(1) Candelabra Included.  Dimensions:  9.5"(W) x 4"(Base) x 12"(H)

Pairs well with our 10" or 12" Richland Taper Candles (not included). 

Note: This candelabra is lightweight handmade glass which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Slight variations may occur with handmade products.