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Plug-In LED String Lights Amber 28ft, Multi Flicker Modes (100 bulbs)

Create a captivating display in your space with this super long strand of LED String Lights in Amber. This clear cord string of teeny orange LED lights adds a warm glow to its surroundings. The lights can be incorporated suspended from ceilings, hung to create backdrops, or wrapped around arbors, trees or pillars for a welcoming accent. A great option for weddings, holidays, parties, home decor, and more! 

(1) Light Strand included. It is 28 feet long and contains 100 long-lasting, energy saving amber LED bulbs, with end-to-end plug-in. Each teeny bulb is 1/4" long and 3/16" wide. Multi-Function - Eight available functions and can be used indoors or in dry outdoor settings. UL tested and approved.